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What coding languages or other courses should I take on CodeCademy?

Asked by SergeantQueen (7294points) February 22nd, 2018

I have the following courses completed:
Make a website
Deploy a website
Learn Responsive Design
Learn HTML

I am wondering what are some good/useful languages to learn.
I’m interested in going into a cybersecurity field, more than programming, but I’m still interested in learning programming and I’m sure it would be useful.
Other languages that I’ve started but haven’t completed are
Ruby(Also Ruby on Rails)
And I have one course where I am learning the command line.

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The courses that I’ve taken I feel are really only useful for Web design.

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Python is a really good choice for programming and scripting. I’d be willing to bet most cybersecurity experts who know their shit can code in Python. Also it’s probably worth learning about databases and the SQL language. A big part of cybersecurity is accessing/protecting data in databases, so it’s useful to know how to talk to them. Eventually, you’re probably going to want to learn C as well. C is kind of like how Latin is to French, Spanish, etc. It’s more technical, harder to work in, but it reveals a lot of the ugly details of what’s going on in the machine. That’s important for cyber security work because many of the vulnerabilities are operating at that low level of detail (e.g. buffer overflows).

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For cybersecurity, your focus will be on information flow across networks. So I would recommend this course:

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I can look into the SQL and Python, C isn’t offered on CodeCademy from what I’ve seen.
That course you linked @Mariah is interesting but It’s $199 and I can’t afford that :(

I’m also enrolled in a course through my school on NetAcademy called intro to CyberSecurity so maybe some things will be included in that.

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I also recommend learning Python. I don’t use it professionally, but I found it easy to learn and very easy and intuitive to use. It allows you to write very compact but readable code. It is the most widely taught language. Considering that Java used to have that distinction, that is saying quite a lot. There are lots of libraries for special purposes. I know there are languages for machine learning based on Python. I would be surprised if there were not libraries or Python based languages for cybersecurity.

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I would definitely prioritize Python first. If you do want to learn more about databases, Stanford has a really great class (that’s free) Introduction to databases that is excellent. It’s not easy, and, like I said, Python is a much higher-priority, but it’s really good for understanding how databases work.

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Happy to help. If you run into concepts you don’t understand, be sure to ask. There’s a lot of smart people here who know how to code.

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Focus on the command line stuff. Learn BASH.. Learn some best practices for securing servers. Basic *nix admin stuff will take you years. It is a rabbit hole. Groups, users, chmod, iptables, oh my!

edit:: And buy a book on this shit. A big thick one that is a thousand pages. People who only learn online tend to have huge gaps in knowledge of really basic stuff that is in the third chapter of any good book.

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