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Whats the difference between Visual Basics and vbscript?

Asked by mirza (5042points) July 31st, 2007

I am familiar with visual baics and i think vbscript stands for visual basics script.

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vbscript is a sub-set or derivative of visual basic. It is primarily used as a server-side scripting language and can't talk directly with the Windows API. Some like it, I don't. I primarily use PHP.

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well actually visual basic is programing language that you use to create software for computer plateforms. VB Script is an scripting language for the Internet and the two are not related.

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Not to confuse things, but VBA is another derivative. VBA is Visual Basic for Applications, and was created to add scripting to the Microsoft office applications.

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Well, to make things simple:
Visual Basic is to create more complex Windows-based programs whereas VBScript is mean to be used on web-based applications.

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Both are complete languages, capable of a variety of tasks. Visual Basic can be used to create web-based applications, and vbscript can be used to create client-side applications. Indeed, a number of famous and widespread worms were written in vbscript, taking advantage of Outlook and Outlook Express’s lax security when it came to vbscript programs.

Commonly, however, vbscript is used as part of the ASP infrastructure to generate web pages. vbscript is similar to php in a great many ways, none of which are complementary to either language.

Visual Basic is most commonly used for GUI programming for windows programs. It was remarkable originally due to the development kit that Microsoft sold, which made creating a GUI a simple drag and drop process. This was a subject of criticism by some, who worried about a drop in the quality of code that might result from such a lowered barrier to entry for new programmers.

Fortunately, ASP and Visual Basic are now obsolete, replaced by ASP.NET and Visual Basic.NET, both of which are considerably better designed than their predecessors.

Modern Visual Basic.NET is quite similar to Java, though many Java programmers are loathe to admit this.

Trivia: vbscript is one of the only languages besides javascript that can be used to do any client-side scripting in a web browser. Almost noone does this in practice because unlike javascript, which has a robust standard and many independent implementations, Internet Explorer is the only modern web browser to support it.

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VB is for creating stand-alone programs, VBA requires Micrsoft Office specifically Excel and VBSCRIPT is for internet scripting.

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VB is a full-fledged programming language which can be used to create compiled applications, while VBScript is a sub-set of VB and is a scripting language that can be used to run a set of commands, similar to an old-school DOS batch file. Generally, a scripting language can not be used to create a full-fledged binary application and it can not be compiled down to a executable binary file.

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