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What have you just realized that everyone else noticed?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19453points) February 24th, 2018

For me I just realized that Andre the giant was French. That might explain why he didn’t communicate in English well.

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Haha that if you shake a beer it’ll explode I opened one and it exploded all over my bed

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The FedEx logo has an arrow in it. Actually, I noticed this a while ago but in any case I was way behind at that point, too.

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Nothing The great Kritiper knows all, sees all.

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That George Harrison was brutally beaten and stabbed. For some reason or another, I never read up Harrison’s personal life. But I knew a lot about Lennon and McCartney’s.

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@rockfan I didn’t know that. When?

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“For me I just realized that Andre the giant was French. That might explain why he didn’t communicate in English well.”

Well, that and the fact that he was drunk pretty much every waking moment.

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It happened in 99, he suffered 40 stab wounds

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My screen name for the first social networking site I signed up for,, was DutchCat. A nod to me being Dutch and I love cats.
Then a kid from suggested “Dutchess” as a screen name. I didn’t have spell check at the time. Then I found spell check, about a year later, and it was at that point I realized it was misspelled! I said something to him and he just shook his head, and said that was part of it. He thought he was clever. I think so too, but it took me a year to get the joke! smh.

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I’m not sure where you get your information from @rockfan but George Harrison died from lung cancer 29 November, 2001.

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He didn’t say it killed him @Adagio, but he was stabbed in the chest by an intruder in his house in 1999. He also suffered other less serious stab wounds.

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@rockfan and @Dutchess_lll Apologies, I misinterpreted what you wrote entirely.

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@Dutchess_III Wait how is “Dutchess” a misspelling? I googled it and it was right

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Please don’t tell anyone…. I did not know there were 2 Fergies! I knew of the Duchess Fergie but not the singer!
Apparently I live under a rock.

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@SergeantQueen “Duchess” is the correct spelling for an actual “Duchess of Windsor,” or whatever. However, I have noticed that someone other than me has used “Dutchess” as their screen name. When I got to sign up for something “Dutchess” almost always has been already taken.

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Ohhh. When I looked it up I got Dutchess county in NY

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That i grow a rather splendid erection when Carstairs enters the room, he, apparently, noticed a long time ago but fear of being fired kept his lips sealed which is just as well all things considered…

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That “Pop Secret” popcorn is a play on the words “Top Secret,” “Chips Ahoy” is a play on the words “Ship Ahoy,” and New Year’s Day is exactly one week after Christmas.

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@furious_rose “Pop Secret.” That one went over my head too, but now that I see it I can’t unsee it! What’s the use in naming pop corn after “top secret” though?
Why not I suppose…?

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“What’s the use in naming pop corn after “top secret” though?”

The name is easy to say, easy to remember and it catches the eye. That’s an invaluable trait for brand recognition.

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