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Do outer space aliens sterilize the medical equipment when using on humans? (NSFW)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24351points) February 25th, 2018

Like anal probes? I sure hope so.

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The just wipe them off on their tentacles..

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@filmfann Or they lick them clean?

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They sterilize the humans, not the probes.

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Yes they sterilize the needles because they don’t want to cross contaminate their human specimens.

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We’d all be dead, if not. That being said, many rectal procedures don’t call for sterilization of instruments, like surgical instruments.

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It would contaminate samples and falsify test results otherwise.
It is just good scientific practice.

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The purpose of the probes is to insert tiny listening devices, undetectable by earthlings.

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Of course. They have universal health care in space.

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Yes, always.

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