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What shall I order at the bar if I don't want alcohol--or sugar?

Asked by Jeruba (55921points) March 4th, 2018

Something mildly sweet but sugar-free would be fine, and carbonated is fine too.

Usually in this sort of situation, a cocktail/social occasion, I have a glass of white wine. This time I’m attending an event where I don’t want to have anything with alcohol, and a traditional ginger ale won’t do because I have to avoid the sugar. It’s been so long since I’ve been in this situation that I can’t remember what I used to do.

These days I think there are probably a lot more choices, such as the fruit-flavored sparkling waters, but I never use them and would prefer not to look like a complete idiot when trying to order. I’ll resort to a diet Coke only if I have to.


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Black coffee?

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Milk, tomato juice, sauerkraut juice, carrot juice

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I order soda and lime or soda and bitters. Bitters has a little alcohol, though, skip that if you want 100% abstinence.

If the venue is at an actual bar, ask the bartender for something tasty. Fancy cocktails are popular and they may have something nifty.

For example, I googled my local places for “mocktails” and find these :
“Pineapple ginger mojito features pineapple, lime, ginger, mint and Angostura bitters”
“The cider sangria is made with apple cider, fresh lime juice, pear syrup, orange bitters, tonic and Sprite”
“Guava, pineapple, kiwi, lime, cilantro, mint, jalapeno and cucumber”

The juice may have more sugar than you want, but I’m throwing those out there for ideas.

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Perrier or unsweetened tea, or coffee.

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Diet pop?

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Club soda with lime is what I usually order if I don’t want an alcoholic drink.

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Unsweetened iced tea with lemon is my go-to in that situation. It doesn’t look out of place, and I like iced tea anyway.

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I would order a glass of orange juice. Very refreshing and almost certain to be stocked.

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A kiddie cocktail!?

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A glass of water with a slice of lemon in it.

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Plants produce sucrose during photosynthesis.

Exactly how non-drunk and non-sugared up would you like to be honey?

Mmm, lemon lime zero with bitters and a dash of pink.

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@Jeruba I used to drink diet Squirt.

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on the rocks,
with a splash if you are feeling frisky.

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I always order a spakling mineral water if they have it. San Pellegrino, Perrier, Voss, Saratoga. Most bartenders will servie it with lime or lemon.

No sugar, no alcohol, and no one questioning you.

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Bottled water, it’s quite trendy now. You could take it with lemon and ice too.

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a cup of hot water with lemon

Fresca / Wink

tap water

club soda with lemon and lime slices

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