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Game crashes instantly on startup?

Asked by CrusoeStudio (119points) March 10th, 2018

So I downloaded MINDNIGHT from Steam and it’s a really great game, but for some reason after playing for a week or so it stopped working. I was playing it earlier that day then when I went to launch it again, with no change to anything on my computer, it gave me a crash report. “MINDNIGHT has encountered an error and must close.” then it doesn’t load at all it just stops responding. I’ve talked to IT friends and the Devs of the game and nobody can seem to fix this. Here’s a brief list of the things I’ve tried. Restarting my computer, Uninstalling the game, updating steam as well as my computer multiple times, updating all my drivers including my video adapter/ graphics card drivers, running it as administrator, using appropriate launch commands in steam, and updated my directX. That’s all I can think that I’ve tried as well as the basic no brainer solutions. If anyone can please give me things to try that might fix it, I’ll answer any questions that I can about the outcomes.

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Could be an issue with Steam. I used to have a problem loading Civilization. I would start loading Civ, and it would say it couldn’t connect to Steam. But if I restarted the computer, it worked. This became the process I went through each time I wanted to play.

I’m not close to a computer expert. But I’ve had multiple issues with Steam…

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I have multiple steam games and they all work fine so I’m not thinking it’s steam

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Hmm. We’ll have to see if anyone has a better idea. Maybe @johnpowell….

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