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My nail is coming away from the nail bed, what does that mean?

Asked by tan253 (2583points) March 10th, 2018

Has anyone had this?
I just noticed it on one nail – it’s coming away from the nail bed – I“m so confused… is it a symptom of a disease or something that happens? Never had this happens before!

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I’ve only seen it myself in case of injury. Was there injury or was it ingrown, is there an infection, or does it just seem to be doing it with no apparent cause?

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It seems to be doing it for no apparent cause, I may have hit it but I’m sure I’d remember… I think from memory I have had this happen before but I wasn’t so ‘aware’ of my body then.. and just forgot about it!

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Hmm, yeah I think you/shoe could knock the nail loose/up without hurting yourself conspicuously, maybe. But I would call a doctor and ask about it.

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It’s in my ring finger, it was quite a long nail and I filled it the other day – maybe I was too rough?
Will go ask the DR tomorrow. Thanks Zaku

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Could you be low on vitamin C?

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Great find @snowberry !

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Also, Terry (a couple posts above the last one) wrote, “The most common cause of onycholysis is trauma. Even slight trauma can cause onycholysis when it happens repetitively – for example, the daily tapping of long fingernails on a keyboard or counter. Onycholysis also can be caused by manicure tools that are pushed beneath the nail to clear dirt or smooth the nail. Too much moisture also can cause the problem.”

Lysis (the last half of onycholysis) means destruction of cells.

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Hey Guys, thought I’d update, my nails is now growing out, apparently it wasn’t a big deal after all!!

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