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What is the benefit of cow mouth shaped plots? How is this shape formed ?

Asked by anilhicdelhi (4points) March 16th, 2018

What is the benefit of cow mouth shaped plots? How is this shape formed ?

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There isn’t unless you are a believer in vastu.

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Apparently it’s a trapezoid. And the orientation matters.

“If a shop or commercial office has the width in the front less than that in the rear, it is known as Gaumukhi shape (Cow Mouth Shape). Such shape is not auspicious for business.”

“Gomukhi or Cow faced Plots :
Gomukhi sites, cow mukhi: General sayings said that this plots are good for residential houses. But it is not good for commercial complexes or constructions. It is said to be the front portion is narrow and rear shape is broad. Here the road is towards North. Then it is said to be Gomukhi plot or site. ”

And that’s all I know about that. Or actually a little more than I know.

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That’s the shape (Cow faced) of the lot we live on now and 11 years ago too.

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I thought you meant story plots, now I get it.

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I have no idea what the question means.

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@AshlynM, I didn’t either, but it wasn’t hard to look up. Take a look at my links.

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