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How can you get the internet to work on your PSP!

Asked by wrestlemaniac (810points) August 16th, 2008

I’ve tried everything, heeelp!!

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Taken from 10 seconds in Google:

The PSP has a nice little web browser included in firmware versions 2.0 and higher (if you don’t know what version you have, check the links below for a tutorial). It also has built in wi-fi, so all you need is wireless internet access and you’re set. Though you can view just about any website, most are not designed for PSP viewing, so be prepared to sidescroll quite a bit. There are a few websites designed with the PSP in mind, though—check below for links.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 2 minutes to get online
Here’s How:

1. Find a wireless access point. If you have wireless internet access at home, that’s perfect. If not, an internet cafe is a good alternative, or maybe your school or office has wireless you can use. Find out if you need a password to use the access point; if so, find out what the password is. If you plan to web surf for while, settle down in a comfy chair.
2. Insert a Memory Stick. If you want to save any bookmarks while you’re online, you’ll need to have a Memory Stick to save them on. The same goes for any content you might want to download.
3. Turn on your PSP. Okay, I probably didn’t need to tell you that, but sometimes it’s good to point out the obvious. If you don’t want to have to quit out of a game or movie, make sure there isn’t a UMD in the drive.
4. Turn on the WLAN switch. You’ll find this on the left side of the PSP, just above the Memory Stick slot.
5. Set up the Network Settings. You’ll find these under the “Settings” menu, right at the bottom of the list. Choose “Infrastructure Mode” and follow the instructions. Here’s where you might need a password (see step 1).
6. Open the Browser. Select “Network” from the home menu (it’s the one farthest to the right). Scroll down and select “Internet Browser” (the icon has www on it). The PSP will connect and the browser will open (there will be a slight delay as this happens).
7. Go to the Address Bar. If you don’t see an address bar at the top of the browser, press the triangle button and it will appear. Navigate to the address bar using the up button on the d-pad. The address bar will light up.
8. Decide where to go. If you don’t know where to start surfing, Google is always a good place to begin. Or you can come here and access the list of PSP-optimized websites.
9. Enter a URL. When you’ve got the address bar highlighted, press the X button and the onscreen keyboard will light up. Navigate the keyboard with the arrow keys and use the X button to select letters. There’s a backspace key in case you make a mistake. When you’re done, select “Enter” and the browser will return and load the page.
10. Browse away. Browsing works just like it does on a computer, except the controls are a bit different. Navigate using the d-pad, and follow links or enter text using the X button (the cursor becomes a hand when there’s a link, and a pencil where you can enter text).
11. Close the browser. When you’re done, press the circle button to close the browser. The PSP will automatically disconnect from the internet when you return to the home menu.


1. The triangle button toggles the address bar and menu bar on and off.
2. The directional buttons (d-pad) navigate from link to link.
3. Hold down the square button and use the d-pad to scroll up and down the page, and from side to side.
4. The circle button closes the browser and returns you to the home menu.
5. The onscreen keyboard has common sequences like www and .com already, so you can select them instead of selecting each letter separately.

What You Need:

* a PSP
* a wireless internet connection
* a password (for some connections only)
* a comfy chair

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ugh on second thoughts i’ll just wait to get my laptop whenever that may be, thanks for all your help tho. :)

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