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Which coutries have only won one gold medal in the summer olympics?

Asked by nicholasdonoghoe (7points) August 16th, 2008

would be great to know in what sport as well

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As of now in the 2008 summer Olympics, the countries that have won one gold medal include: Czech Republic, Cuba, Azerbaijan, Norway, Mongolia, Poland, Brazil, Indonesia, India, and Jamaica.

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Slightly later version:
Cuba, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, N Korea, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Norway, Indonesia, Canada, Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, Ethiopia, India, Jamaica, Thailand (source)

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I don’t get where China is winning all these golds.

And don’t about Jamaica. Bolt is gonna win them plenty of golds.

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Bolt is a hero.

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possibly canada. we can win 1 gold medal in 48kg wrestling, and nothing else, but id rather have more than that.

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Mtl- What about your women’s crew and rowing team? I have a young friend who is rowing in the women’s double. The 8-women boat did not qualify, sadly.

(Welcome back. How was trip?)

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you may be right about the rowing. good luck to your friend :D.

the trip was fantastic. i saw many animals and learned a lot. i’m going to alaska tommorrow at 4 am, and ill be back in a week. after that, im settling down for good for a few months

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Mongolia won their first ever Olympic gold this year—in Judo! It was a huge upset over the reigning world champ!

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