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Why does eating properly make one more hungry?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24649points) March 27th, 2018

When I was younger when I skipped meals after a time my hunger disappeared. Now that I’ve started eating breakfast I get hungry when I skip a meal. What is the biology behind hunger and starvation?

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You’re accustomed to regular meals and your bod reacts accordingly. You should also consider that what you do or don’t eat can significantly effect your mental and emotional state. I can tell immediately if my wife or kid is hungry, and I know to shovel food at them whether they think they want it or not. It’s like those lines from the Randy Newman tune “The One You Love” “she may be hungry, but she won’t say. But you better get a burger or somethin in her right away. Cause if you don’t, you’re gonna pay, at the hands of the one you love.

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When you eat a lot of carbs or junk food, you will be hungry again in a short period of time. It is better to eat different kinds of protein as this will keep you feeling full longer. Vegetable protein like beans, lentils or tofu wouldn’t make you feel bloated and sleepy especially if you eat a good size meal as opposed to animal protein. Many places will serve you a burger without the bun or what they call it a burger protein style. Also reduce the amount of salt you ingest as this will cause you to be hungry more often.

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Part of what @FluffyTecky is talking about is the insulin response. When you eat simple carbs and sugars (like granola and milk, and melon spears) your body reacts by flooding you with insulin. This causes a reaction in which you are at a glucose low, and your body craves replacement carbs.

That is why eating habits with lots of carbs are detrimental for many people.

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The trick to curbing hunger is to eat foods with lots of fiber and water. Only plants have fiber, so that means fruits and vegetables. They also have low calorie density, so you can eat a lot without gaining weight. Broth does this, too. Link

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I do find when I eat breakfast, my “machine” gets going and I am starving a few hours later; I eat less when I don’t eat breakfast…and just eat when I’m hungry. Eat to live, not live to eat seems to work for me.

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Could be what you’re eating. For instance, if you’re raising your acidity in your stomach, you’ll feel hungry. That’s why lots of restaurants have margarita specials. If someone drinks one, it increases the acid in their stomach. Making them more likely to order food, because they “feel” hungry.

Eating “heavy” food can ease hunger. Something dense like grits, oatmeal, or bananas. It might make you tired though…

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