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Have you ever been so hungry that you couldn't eat?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13486points) 2 months ago

Or that you would pass out.

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No, have you?

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@Adagio Yes today. I eventually made cheese flavored tater tots. Just now. Sometimes I feel hungry and not eating anything.

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I definitely can get to a point where I will get sick, if I waited too long to eat. Especially when extreme heat is involved.

I probably could do a much better job with my diet. But I hate eating more than once a day… Twice is a labor….

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I have a daughter like that. she must pay attention to what her body is telling her. It’s something you manage, not ever conquer.

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No. But I have often been so tired, that I could not sleep.

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Nah, but it’s an interesting perspective.
For instance, i’ve been angry but had to laugh, been tired but not slept & alone but never lonely.

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No. But I am often so hungry that I can’t make up my mind about what to eat, though (spoiled first world citizen that I am.)

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No; never heard of that condition.

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Yesterday, from about noon, until I got home at 4, all I could think about was a tuna fish sandwich! I even texted Rick to make sure we had some.

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I’ve been craving super thin crackers and cheese. So I ordered six cheese logs covered in nuts and a tub of cheddar. This is to not gain weight from eating cupcakes which I’ve given up because of the sugar.
Yes; I know.

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I’m not quite sure what you are describing. Unlike being dead tired and not being able to sleep, simply because your body won’t shut down, if you are hungry, and not somehow incapacitated, and food is available, what would be the obstacle for eating? Unless you have anorexia nervosa, I can’t imagine what would stop you, if food was available (unless the available food was something that you were allergic to, hated the taste of, or didn’t fit in with your religious or ethical beliefs.)

Me, for example, would not eat meat, unless it were literally a life or death situation for me, which is highly unlikely, but most people don’t have that same situation.

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When I am so hungry I can’t eat, it is because being that hungry makes my stomach hurt, so nothing seems palatable, even though I’m hungry. I have a vicious acid reflux problem. I have to take medication for it daily. I imagine that is the problem when I am so hungry.
You might want to check into it, and see if that is the problem for you.
I haven’t had it happen in some time, so maybe it is because what I’m currently taking is working so well.

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