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Why do I have this reaction on my left leg when ever I wear the pressure wrap?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44146points) March 28th, 2018

I have a pressure wrap for when my sciatic nerve flairs up. It works wonders for me. Instant relief. And if I wear it 24 hours a day for a 2 or 3 days my entire back feels better. I even sleep deeper and better.
Well, recently I wore it on my right leg for two days, then switched to my left leg for 2 days (taking showers in between times) at woke up on the 2nd day with left leg itching like crazy where the wrap was. I ripped it off and scratched and scratched. That was two days ago and now there are long lines that just itch like hell running around on my left leg. It looks like poison ivy or something.
This happened the last time I wore it for an extended period. I even showed the Doc, and she just shrugged.
I am curious as to why this happens, and why only on my left leg? It doesn’t happen on my right leg. I’d ask our resident Doc but he’d just shrug and say, “Shit happens.” :D

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I’d probably state the obvious if I only knew what it was.

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To stop wearing the wrap for 24 – 48 hours straight.

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Did someone tamper with it?

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I think you should stop wearing it for a while.

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Sounds like an allergic reaction. Not sure why it would be on only one leg.

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A couple of thoughts:

1) Yes, YOU took a shower, but did you clean the brace itself? It could have dried skin and other gunk on the inside?

2) What’s the timing that relates to when you shaved your left leg? Are you putting the brace on just after shaving? Could your skin be sensitive because of that? Are you rubbing it with the razor blade and then irritating it again?

3) different parts of the body can have different sensitivities, @janbb

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Hell, I don’t shave in the winter @elbanditoroso! But that is a good thought. I actually did wash the brace last time this happened and I hadn’t worn it since. It’s like….scabies or something (which I’ve never had) or bed bugs (which I’ve never had either.)

Of course I did stop wearing it @chyna. It’s been two days now, and too bad because my back is starting to ache. But this itching seems to be oddly self perpetuating.

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@Dutchess_III It isn’t Winter anymore. Time to shave (unless your hubby likes you hirsute).

It is most likely residue of sweat combined with mites (everybody has mites!), and it might be exacerbated by your laundry detergent. Wash it with some HEX Performance Detergent which is designed for use in athletic clothing and things like that.

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I have skin that doesn’t like detergent. The tighter something fits, the worse it is. I usually run am extremely rinse cycle on my clothes. It makes sure that all of the detergent is gone. I don’t use dryer sheets either. They seem to make me itchy…

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A question. Do you have to turn it inside out when you wear it on your left leg?

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Nope, not shaving until I wear shorts or Capris for the first time! And I would not make my leg shaving decisions based on what my husband would or wouldn’t like. He does things I don’t like, and the fact that I don’t like it doesn’t mean a thing to him.

Mites sounds about right. But I think I’d just double rinse them, rather than buying special detergent.

No @janbb Just up side down, though I probably don’t even need to do that. You just have to make sure the pressure disk is positioned in the right place.

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Oh well, that theory shot to hell. Back the the drawing board, Sherlock!

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