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In a planet with 7 billion people, how can it be possible to know all the person like ourselves?

Asked by luigirovatti (2098points) March 30th, 2018

With which we can be friends, even best friends.

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Why would someone even have it as a goal to know all the people like ourselves?

Seems impossible, impractical and perhaps even undesirable or upsetting, as there’s only so much time and attention I have for the people I know. Well, actually currently I could use some more good friends, but after a certain point the problem becomes finding the circumstances for those I know.

Oh, and also the choice of who we do make friends with and how we spend our time with them, how open they are to what kinds of people and activities (and sometimes issues such as whether they want you all to themselves or not).

As for finding people, I’ve found that the courses I’ve taken on communication and empathy have helped how open and available I am to people, making meeting and forming friendships much more likely. Also the choice of place and how we spend our time.

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No one is like ourselves.

Everyone is like ourselves.

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It can’t. Too many personal, political, and distance variables. When you set your sights that high and that potentially encompassing, you never get to know anyone.

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You can’t even fully know your next-door neighbor, or your own parents.

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