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If it reaches the point in the next few years where we just cannot live together any more, how and where will we divide up the country?

Asked by rojo (24176points) April 3rd, 2018

The old Mason/Dixon Line, Mississippi River? East + West one half, the middle of the country the other? A three way split? Some jump ship and ask to be part of Canada?

What would the capitols be?

Which side would get stuck with Washington DC?

What would the two countries call themselves?

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The country doesn’t need to be divided up. You know that old saying, “Birds of a feather….”. If you are liberal then it’s easy to find a liberal area (with like minded folks) to live. The same is true for those eeevilll conservatives.

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Mmmm, I like this one, and it would be easier for all of us, plus the results would be easier to see, seperately. I like it!

Liberals to the coasts, Conservatives get the middle- seems fair.

So capital in Kansas, the middle of the country. Washington goes to whomever is in office, the rest of the other parties exodus.

Call it Alexandria and The Saviors….haha (that’s a Walking Dead reference btw- just punny)

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I’m in favor of a Cascadian nation including the West Coast with Hawaii and British Columbia and the rest of Canada quite welcome to join.

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East Coast, West Coast and Flyover with respective capitals of Boston, San Francisco and Topeka

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De grote rivieren.

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Conservatives get Ohio. And we wall them in.

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I was thinking the other day that the conservatives could get on boats like the pilgrims that originally came hear. Strike out, and find a new place. Leave this country and the ⅔s of decent people alone…

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Maybe we could split up the country like this: people under 30 years-old get all 50 states, and the rest of us just walk into the ocean.

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Along state lines.

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@MrGrimm888 Seems just as anti-American as being anti-(legal) immigration is.

Persecuted for their religious beliefs, a long line of men and women have taken refuge in America ever since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

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^I honestly don’t have a problem with any religions, unless people try to make decisions based on it in my government. Religion has NO place in schools, or any government…

No politicians should be religious either. That way, we know they aren’t making decisions based on their religion.

Conservatives will never go for that. So. They’d be happier somewhere else. Yes. Just like the pilgrims in Plymouth. The problem is that this time the religious are persecuting the rest of us. America’s founding fathers went to great lengths to separate church , and state. Let’s follow that plan. There was a very good reason for it…

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My thoughts were to separate the midwest/south contingent (or New Jerusalem – Capital would be either Lincoln or Topeka) from the more progressive states in the East and West.

The Eastern section (New America and they can keep DC as its Capitol) would begin at the border between North/South Dakota and Minnesota then East to the Mississippi River, down the Mississippi to the Tennessee/Kentucky border then East to the Atlantic Ocean.

On the West Side (Either Cascadia or LaLaLand, Capitol at Portland) begin Southward from Canada along the Washngton/Oregon border with Idaho then East at the Nevada border to Wyoming. South then East along the Wyoming/Colorado border to Nebraska then South along Colorado/New Mexico to Oklahoma then follow the New Mexico border to Mexico.

Not perfect by any means and Arizona/Utah might be a problem but we could just give those back to Mexico and let them worry about it. Oregon, Maine, NH and Vermont might choose to go with Canada and Montana/ North Dakota are kind of iffy. They might choose to go with the Great White North or to stay with the Eastern contingent but they have contiguous borders.with all so no big problem Hawaii would probably stay with the Cascadia/LalaLand portion while Alaska can do as it damn well pleases, no one really cares.

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@MrGrimm888 There’s no way to seperate the two at this point because the two major parties are such polar opposites in their beliefs on LGBTQ issues, abortion, etc…

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^Realistically, you’re right. But a guy can dream…

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