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How can I make friends here?

Asked by Sumriser (18points) April 13th, 2018

I’m new here, will you be my friend?

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Welcome to Fluther.
Answer questions.
When you see an answer you find especially interesting, insightful, or good in other ways, give them props by tapping the great answer, and post a comment reflecting what you think, using names when you refer to someone else’s post.
If you visit fairly regular, you will find friendships will happen.
Be aware, everyone has their mood days, and sometimes come off snarky.
I hope you will find a happy spot for yourself here.

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Hey there. Welcome to the lagoon!!

Answer questions that interest you. Ask questions that occur to you.

Be thoughtful. Be honest. Be you.

Oh, and get in good with the penguin. She knows all.

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Certainly. The best way to make friends here is to participate. Most here are very friendly, although I would warn you to be careful around @ragingloli (wandering tentacles and a penchant for violent videos) but other than that, make yourself at home.

This is Liberty Hall, you can spit on the floor and call the cat a bastard.

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Answer questions, and you will slowly become familiar to everyone. There are good people here, and you can be one.

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Howdy. All you have to do is start answering questions, and asking more of your own, and join in the discussions. After a short while, you will get to know us, and we’ll get to know you.

I am Kardamom, the resident food enthusiast. I hope you like to eat and cook and talk about food. We do a lot of that around here. I am a vegetarian, and can help you track down recipes, veg or otherwise.

Most of us like to read and discuss books and movies too. Especially @filmfan, the fellow who posted just above me.

If you have any questions about the site, or the members (we call ourselves Jellies, or sometimes Flutherites, to go along with the Jellyfish theme) ask away.

Now, may I offer you a snack?

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^^ watch out for her pancakes. I think she laces them with something, don’t know what but for some reason I am hungry after I eat them.

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@rojo, I ony add saltpeter to the flapjacks when I know Trump is coming to visit. For you, I only add cardamom : )

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There is a phenomenon that we ought to have a name for, similar to Godwin’s law, to the effect that the longer a Fluther thread continues, the more likely it is to become about food. The phenomenon has been noted before, and it’s not a recent one, but I don’t think we have a name for it.

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IThere is theory floating around in my head (because there is quite a bit of unused space evidently) the the food references are but thinly veiled sexual metaphors brought on by repressed memories or desires for whipped cream fantasies.
And, by adding this comment I have given proof to that other noted phenomenon that when stripped down to its essence, everything eventually becomes sexual in nature (and in the tide pool). Kind of feels like you are in a crowded, steaming hot tub at the end of the nights festivities doesn’t it?

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@Jeruba, we should call it the popcorn pancake effect.

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The OP hasn’t come to introduce themselves yet…

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Just ask and answer.

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Welcome! I’ll be your friend! Hiya!

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Just answer and have fun and no you don’t have to ‘get in with anyone’ as someone here suggested. Just be you.

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Welcome to Fluther.

Boy howdy, and good luck to you. We seem to have long passed the era of “making friends on Fluther” and have now degenerated into a rearguard skirmishing outfit, sniping at outsiders and newcomers pretty viciously… and at each other with even more vengeance and glee.

So, there’s hope, but not much.

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I’ve made quite a few friends here- friendships that’s exist outside of Fluther. Some I’ve met in person because we lived in the same town, and liked each other enough to take a chance meeting for lunch. I have plans to visit others by traveling.

As @CWOTUS said, people can be vicious here. If you hang all round very long you’ll learn quickly which ones have an “acid tongue“. I have learned to ignore or avoid the worst ones and develop a very thick skin regardless.

My advice to you: Because this is the Internet, be careful who you choose to get to know outside of this forum. But do get to know us, and have fun!

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I’m open to friends =) be careful what you say, I have the feeling most people here don’t like me

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Welcome to Fluther. The easy way to make friends is to ask and answer questions. That will result in you interacting with other Fluther users. Then if you see an answer that you want to comment on, you can PM (Private Message) the person who gave it. Also, you can talk to people in the Tidepool.

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@SergeantQueen Don’t take it personally, if you think outside the box or lean conservative in any way (or are a christian), you will be treated poorly at some point. I still think it needs a disclaimer “this is a mostly liberal, anti-GOP site.”

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^If only the world had the common sense, to be the same as our pond…

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For the record, I really like having conservative jellies. Whether the thought is reciprocated or not, I love SQ, and KNOWITALL. I value their opinions, and consider them Fluther buddies.

I would add that just because we disagree on some things, doesn’t mean that I don’t like them, or value their input. I wager it’s the same for many other jellies.

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Yes, I agree with McGrimm. It gets pretty boring when everyone agrees with everyone else. Hell, I even like @Yellowdog and he and I could not agree as to what day it is. He keeps me on my toes.

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I think @YellowDog is a great jelly. He probably thinks I hate him. I wouldn’t blame him for hating me.

I like @Seawulf575 too. Another conservative jelly that I have probably made hate me.

I’m a cage rattler. It gets me in trouble all the time. It’s almost never personal…

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Our new jelly has never returned after asking, but this thread sure has helped the oldies to sort out some differences :)

I agree that we shouldn’t judge whether someone hates us just because they disagree with us. Personally I only reach the hate level when someone is so entitled that they condemn everyone of hating them.

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I get offended by various specific comments, but that is no basis for hate. Shoot, my daughter pisses me off pretty much every single day, but when she says, “Mommy” she has my attention.
The single one thing I hate is when a good thread gets crapped on by somebody who does it simply to be dumping.

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@MrGrimm888 I like you, too. On occasion I do get upset, but I also get over it quickly, it’s this Irish-Indian temper of mine, I’m working on it. :)

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^I’ve got Irish, and Cherokee/Indian in me too. Maybe that’s why I drink so much. I’m glad you don’t stay angry at me too long. I’m aware that I can be abrasive.

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Yes, I noticed the OP never came back after asking this question. I don’t hate anyone here. I like that we don’t all think alike as that would be boring.

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@MrGrimm888 I can see that you have one thing in common with me. We both have the ability to detach ourselves emotionally to explore a matter in more angles. Providing another way to look at morality can piss some people off, but to me it’s just another way to provide more understanding and compassion. Not everyone wants to be evil.

And we are both Geminis, is that a coincidence?

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@MrGrimm See, it’s just the blood haha! I’m a little too blunt, too.

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Mimi, I agree. We’re both Geminis huh? Well. Maybe there’s something to that…

@KNOWITALL . Yep. It’s the blood.

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I’ll be your friend, but be warned! I am to-the-point, honest to a fault and my answers and opinions may hurt your feelings or piss you off. I might try to baffle you with BS, but that’s rare. I have a very quirky sense of humor. (Can’t you tell??)
Accept me for what I am and we’ll get along just fine. I hope…

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@Kritiper Disclaimer? Ha

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@KNOWITALL Fair warning! Not that it applies only to myself…

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Some felt, a shit ton of cotton balls & basic needlecraft skills

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You are so weird.
You left out yarn.

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Either we scared off the person who wanted to be friends, or else they didn’t actually want any friends.

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We shoulda set up buffet.
Nothing beats a Fluther buffet.

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Bring us lasagna Patty?

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You are so dull
You left out the part where I give a shit :D

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Ahhhh, but you must. You are here.

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@ucme No shit at the Fluther Banquet! It’s located in “Defecation Free Hyderabad” this year!

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I wish to nominate that ^^ for best answer of 2018.

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