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What does a half green circle in facebook messenger mean?

Asked by AshlynM (10064points) April 17th, 2018

Been seeing this symbol for the past several days recently. I’ve never seen it before.
I believe a full green circle means they’re active, but not sure what a half green circle means. It’s a green circle with only half filled in.

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Have you tried clicking on it? Maybe it’s a message about the data breach. I haven’t seen that on mine.

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Try reading this article, and as you do, go through your Facebook page, explore the links and the drop down menus.

Let us know if you find it.

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A half blue circle used to mean they were idle so maybe they changed it from being blue to green?

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I just looked at my Messenger and saw that some people had half green circles next to them with a time, i.e. 2 min, in it. So that is showing how recently they were active. The most recently active are in a top group with those currently active and there is a second section below with those who were active a longer time ago such as 20 min.

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