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Why is it so hard to understand that it might be a bad idea to short change and underpay teachers?

Asked by stanleybmanly (18690points) April 23rd, 2018 from iPhone

I mean is there a compelling fear of pending dummy shortages in our future redlands?

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Because the legislators were elected to reduce taxes in many of those states with low teacher salaries. The voters are the “fruit” of the the same education system. low teacher salaries leads to lower education (dummies). Everyone is happy.
In North Carolina they have a “Education Lottery” which is a revenue generator for schools, since starting in 2005 they have giving to the schools over 5 Billion dollars. But the legislators have reduced the equivalent of 5.3 Billion dollars from school funding in the last 12 years. North Carolina is 39th in salaries for teachers in the USA.

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^^Sorry NC is 37th in teacher salaries and 39th in per capita of student expenditure. ^^^

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If we educate students they will become pointy headed believers in global warming and the need for pollution controls. Don’t want that to happen. What we need are unthinking consumers.

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The people who own the news media and promote figurehead political candidates want as many poorly educated voters as possible?

As Donald Trump said, “I love the poorly educated!”, and as USA Today wrote, they love him too.

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They are paid appropriately here for the job they do. Roughly 50k/year where the median income is around $40k/year. Living wage here is about 12 bucks an hour for a forty hour work week. It’s a stretch to make that work in the larger cities but it goes a long way in rural areas.

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Isn’t it obvious? The people running this country have zero concern for the population. It’s really that simple. The wealthy just put their kids in private schools.

I’ve said before, private schools should be outlawed. Then we would see a massive increase in the quality of public schools, as the rich kids would have to attend…

The wealthy don’t have to walk the same path as the majority, so they neglect it…

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