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How do I get a job at Green Peace?

Asked by melohhh (30points) August 17th, 2008

In Portland, Oregon

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The application process?

Edit: Maybe some details about what the place does and what your education/skills would help. ; )

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Why would you want to??
Disclaimer: Above statement made by an opinionated Puffin and Pilot Whale eater….

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Randy: I don’t have much going for me. no college (yet) I just think this is what I really want to do with my life… it’ calling, if you will. But how do I get to where I need to be? What’s the first step? Do I have to work at McDonald’s all the way through college, then apply?

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Basically you need to be willing and able to work on a ship, attack oil drilling platforms, bulk carriers and military stuff and not be too bothered about getting arrested or killed.

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Well, I’ve never been killed before…

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well thats probably a good start

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I know they’re extremest, but it’s not all pouring blood and protests…

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melohhhhhhhhhhh Even if you haven’t done college, you should have someone check
your application before you send it, because your spelling will discourage them. This isn’t
teasing or being mean, it’s a caution to take seriously.
And it’s a good ambition. Thank you for wanting to do this work to benefit the rest of us.

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uh… what? That was kind of mean. I didn’t realize this website was included on my college application… why is so important I spell correctly here, now? If I was to send in an application, I’m sure I’d take it much more seriously than… I mean wtf? Next time I’ll have my publicist come in and check my work before I post anything else. Thanks for the heads up, susanc

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What susanc is saying is that spelling correctly is a good habit to get in to all the time, not just when you think it counts. Fluther is one site where spelling and the avoidance of txt spk are scene as important. Don’t take it personally you’re not the first to have this pointed out to them and you won’t be the last.

this is where someone points out all my spelling errors

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hey melohhh, I love you

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