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Which has a better M.Arch? U of Oregon or U of British Columbia?

Asked by adr (439points) April 22nd, 2012

I am looking for help in choosing between the two masters programs in architecture:

University of Oregon
-in Eugene, Oregon (small hippy university town)
-hardly any development in Eugene
-option of transferring to Portland in second year
-incredible facilities and high caliber professors
-funding available if Teaching/Research Fellowship is attained
-ranked #1 in USA for sustainability
-ranked #6 in USA overall for M.Arch program
-well integrated with landscape architecture, interior architecture and business departments

University of British Columbia
-in Vancouver, British Columbia
-beautiful, fun, big city with lots of new developments (good potential for jobs after degree)
-less impressive facilities
-completely separate from the landscape architecture department

I know a lot more about UofO’s program since I went to their Grad Open House, so any info on UBC’s program would be GREATLY appreciated.

All in all, any info or opinions on either of these schools or cities would be awesome.

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Not sure about BC but the weather is crappy the entire school year in Eugene.
The great thing about Eugene is that excellence is really standard there. They dream big. Just check out thr Hult Center for Performing Arts and the new Peace Health Hospital. They are both beautiful examples of how Eugene doesn’t say, ” aw, that’s good enough.”
I didn’t realize how rare that was until I moved away.

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I don’t know specifically about architecture programs, but I would suggest UBC on general principle.


Because it isn’t in the US. As such, it will likely have a broader and more inclusive architecture program, that will be more international in scope, and probably not as US-centric as the Oregon program would be.

That will broaden your horizons and that will, in turn, make you a better architect and more marketable in the long run.

So without knowing specifics of anything else, the exposure will be more valuable.

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