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Drugs to help focus/memory?

Asked by Fallenangel (260points) August 17th, 2008

Does anyone know of something otc to help me have better focus and memory. I’ve been hurtin lately cuz I can’t seem to focus and stay on task, or I get side tracked for a moment and completely forget what i was doin.
I mean, I know this happens to everyone once in a while, but im talkin a good 10 times or so daily.

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Erm, I highly recommend going to a doctor to ask for some prescription drugs. There are many kinds of medications that can help you (such as Adderall or Riddilin), most of them are ADD or ADHD drugs.

If your problem is that you can’t focus when studying, I wouldn’t advise this at all, but if it’s distracting from your quality of life, you should see a doctor.

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First of all, you need to take care of your body’s basic needs; ensuring that you are getting adequate sleep, hydration, and nutrition.

With a foundation of wellness, you may consider nutritional supplements that can help with focus. Most health food stores have “brain” formulas.

ADD/ADHD are actual medical conditions, but not everyone with attention difficulties has them. How old are you? Have you had these difficulties all your life?

Other learning disorders can mimic ADD/ADHD. What ways do you learn best – listening, reading, hands-on? Have you ever been tested for learning disorders?

These days everyone is quick to turn to pills looking for a quick fix; but the long-term effects are untested… especially those who are misdiagnosed.

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trust me, my body is well taken care of.
and its not add/adhd

ive always had slight short term memory problems, but never bad enough to really worry too much about, or to get a prescription for anything. but recently its gotten really bad. i tried omega 3’s, but it didnt help and in the end, i started forgetting to take them.

i mean like, i have no probs with natural stuff (vitamin d, or e or what have you) but i just dono what will help.

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Well your doctor might suggest Ritalin, but be careful, if you get hooked on it you’ll be on Ritalout.

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I will take your word for it that you take good care of yourself. Even people who are very fit can have sleep disturbances though… so I’ll just mention the need for adequate rest again.

As I said, most health food stores have “brain” or “memory” or “focus” formulas. B complex vitamins are usually in them, along with ginko biloba and/or ginseng and other ingredients.

Maybe do a web search for such products, look at the listed ingredients, then Wiki the ingredients to be sure you are comfortable taking them. Wikipedia pages usually have good links to external sites to verify the information.

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I’ll tell you exactly what you should take. Um,,, wait a minute, I’ll be right back…................... Ok what were we talking about?

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second on the Ginkgo Biloba. Also, in the interest of NON drug remedies, try peppermint candy – aroma therapist say it heightens awareness, and don’t ever underestimate to power of a good night’s sleep.

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I realize I’m alittle late in answering this question, but I can tell you from experience, Ginko Biloba works great if you remember to take it. Better yet, just get in the habit of taking it. Although, we have a slight age difference, okay, more than slight. If you remember to take it, you should notice a difference in about two weeks, but honey, stick with it. It will help you! It’s definitely not an overnight fix. Good luck sweetie!

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Get your testosterone level tested. Low testosterone causes memory loss. I know this because I have low testoserone and am treated for it. When my testosterone level is low my memory is completely shot. Low testosterone causes an inability to remember, recall and completely forget what you where thinking.

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