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What’s your favorite Walt Disney animated film?

Asked by rockfan (14388points) April 29th, 2018 from iPhone

And your least favorite?

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“Lady and the Tramp” is my most favorite.

“Moana” is probably my least favorite.

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If you include the Pixar films, my favorite is Toy Story. If not, probably Pinocchio.
My least favorite is The Rescuers Down Under.

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Fantasia is my favorite, and Snow White, too.

I didn’t like Bambi when I was a kid or when I was older and watching with my own kids.

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as a furry, zootopia.

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I remember loving the Rescuers Down Under when I was a kid, mainly because of the incredible animation and memorable music. Haven’t watched it a really long time though, won’t be surprised if it doesn’t hold up

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Interesting, I feel the opposite way

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Probably, Cinderella for me. I like singing along.

If we include Pixar, Cars and Toy Story were really good too. Oh, and A Bugs Life. Lol. It was really cute.

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Peter Pan and Lady and the Tramp—its a tie.

Wall-E for Pixar

Cinderella 2015 for Live Action, though I also like Bednobs and Broomsticks (1971).

Never seen Anesthasia but I would like to

Least favorite, regrettably, is Snow White. A monumental achievement for when it was made, but her voice got recorded at the wrong speed and is irritating. Movie grows a little long even though it remains mildly entertaining throughout.

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My favorite is Snow White.

Least favorite is The Little Mermaid.

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I missed answering least favorite. I’d say Ratitouille. I was really bored. Oh, and Up was actually disturbing to me, I had trouble watching the whole thing, because I found it upsetting.

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Favorite: “Beauty and the Beast.” (I can SO relate to the beast!)
Least liked: “The Jungle Book.”

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Pinocchio! No bout adoubt it.

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I loved Up! True, it had its hard spots, but I have faced those spots. They are real for me. That made the old man’s resolve so sweet, and real.
I love Moana.
Lots are fun to watch, but Disney is the Reader’s Digest of fairytale. They just go action to action with a few deep emotion moments sprinkled in.
Because of how they have butchered and screwed Cinderella over the years, I have written my own full, detailed version I hope will soon see publication. If it flies, I will protect it from Disney with life and limb.
Snow White too is a disappointment, but a classic nonetheless.
Ratatouille, I enjoy, and reenjoy.
To me it feels like a stand for acceptance for many who are often overlooked, like people with learning disabilities, who sometimes exhibit exceptional talents of some sort.
I never cared for the mermaid collection.
What I dislike most from Disney is the slim pickings they offer for young boys to emulate.
Princesses and damsels in distress abound, but most of the male heroes come in the form of some beast, outlaw, or sniveling weasel. (The other reason for my Cinderella rewrite)

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@rockfan Cinderella and Lady and the Tramp.

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Some the above aren’t by Disney, are they?

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They’re all Disney

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I have 2 that I love equally: The Jungle Book, and Peter Pan : )

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I haven’t seen any of the newer animated features, meaning those from the last 10 or 15 years; I had to scroll back to 1998 in a chronological list to find one I’d seen (Mulan), and I saw that one only because for some reason it was shown at a departmental offsite that I attended.

But I’ve seen all the classics numerous times. I made sure the DVDs were around for my kids when they were younger, and I liked to sit down with them again too. We still have a few of them around. Nobody has looked at them in the present century.

To me the fairest of them all remains Snow White, with its enchanting music, its meticulous and beautiful animation, its exquisite villain, and its ideal archetypes.

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But for art style – I love Sleeping Beauty and 101 Dalmatians. I could stare at the art style all day. I wish they made more cartoons like that nowadays.

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Fantasia was my fave with Snow White & Cinderella following not far behind.

Actually, my all time fave animated film is not a Disney creation but the Shrek series of movies.

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@janbb oh I didn’t catch that, Anastasia is 20th Century Fox

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My favorite Walt Disney movie is “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” because it is the very first one and it is nostalgic.

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