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Can someone please explain why much of Trumps ongoing diatribe at the NRA cannot be classified as hate speech?

Asked by rojo (24176points) May 4th, 2018

As asked.

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Hate against who?

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I didn’t listen to it but I heard he pointed out how bad knife crime is in the UK. A typical Trump diversionary tactic based incidentally on a single newspaper article in the UK tabloid press.

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There was no hate speech—only a very irritating echo / reverb.

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He’s just trying to rev up his base. I wouldn’t consider it hate speech. Just him handing out more bullshit sandwiches to his sheep…

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I found it difficult to listen to because of the echo—which was really bad when someone attempts to listen to a recording.

There was news about the Stormy Daniels payout—nothing you haven’t heard.

There was news about Kanye West and Trump’s new approval ratings among African American men. You probably won’t hear a straight story on the regular news—just how Kanye is a mental patient, betrayed the black community, a turd, etc. Trump also gave a lot of statistics about how black unemployment was at an all-time high under Obama and how Black and Hispanic unemployment is the lowest on record. That unemployment in the nation is the lowest since the 1960s except for a brief period in 2000.

Since it was the NRA there was the obligatory promises to keep gun rights, and some stats about how more killings occur with knives than guns. Some interesting info there.

I’m not sure what you might feel would be hate speech.

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Trump often speaks with Hitler-ish style. A scowl, and harsh words blaming minorities for problems, and trying to make the privileged feel victimized. His rhetoric is often racist, xenophobic, and divisive. I can totally understand a perception of him giving hate speehes. The one in question is not however. At least not by definition…

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What makes it hate speech? I have to laugh. People in general don’t know what hate speech is. It isn’t about one person hating another. The only hate speech I’ve ever heard came from liberal gatherings. True hate speech is not protected. That should help with knowing what it is.

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^I’m sure you’ve attended MANY “liberal gatherings.”~

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I’ve been to law school and know the definition of hate speech. Liberals are attempting to, again, hijack and bastardize another word. The only hate speech in this country politically is coming from the left.

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