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Why were Hillary's lies more serious than Trump's lies during the election?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20670points) November 18th, 2016

People screamed she is a liar.
A Canadian journalist counted and fact checked 560 lies that Trump said during the election.
Why were these lies less serious than Hillary’s?
P.S I can’t find a number count on Hillary’s lies during the election but if anyone can find a link to that number feel free to post it as well.

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Guess she just failed to say, “Believe me” enough.

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Thanks @thorninmud
So Trump
34% lies
17% outright lies

2% out right lies
and yet the public believed she was the lair?

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Because people are hypocrites.

Why are Trump’s alleged escapades with women less offensive than Bill Clinton’s? Or, vice versa?

Why are lawsuits against Trump less troubling than lawsuits against the Clintons’? Or, vice versa?

the list goes on.

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I guess in the end Trump just sold himself better?
People don’t seem to care about truths or facts they just want to see the show.

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Perhaps it’s not the lie its self but the delivery of the lie. Mrs. Clinton is kind of a robotic liar. Mr. Trump delivers his lies with genuine charisma.

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Trump sold himself to the lowest common denominator. Americans have shown their weaknesses over and over again. They get what they asked for.

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To a substantial portion of the population, Hillary Clinton automatically loses all credibility because she has a vagina.

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A lie is easier to swallow if you want to believe in it.

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I guess if one believes the pundits, he is a novice so his digressions would not be as bad as her’s, a seasoned politicians that should know better.

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Because there is no shortage of people who would rather be entertained than informed. Trump is an entertainer, Clinton is not.

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Propaganda. Both ways.
Both of them are turds, they only smell a bit differently.

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People saw the news they wanted to see and heard the “truths” they wanted to hear. There seems to be no objective truth any longer.

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Clinton was a loser, and she lost.

I’ve been watching this garbage since George McGovern handed Nixon a second term. McCain. Romney.
In order to win, you have to have a viable candidate. Big shock.

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I never considered Hillary a liar.

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@kritiper Compared to the Trumpster she wasn’t but that wasn’t what most of the right wing red necks thought.

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When was the last time an non-viable candidate won the popular vote by a significant margin?

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It’s simple. People EXPECT Trump to lie. It’s all part of his “mesmerizing charm”. Even the obvious lies are dismissed with “those lies aren’t meant for me. He’s just saying those things to get elected.” Simply put, the conservative message is a lot easier to put over because it is simplistic and requires a minimum of thought or consideration. For instance, it never occurs to the bulk of Trump voters that a vote for the man amounts to an irrefutable endorsement of every one of those lies “not meant for me”.

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@SQUEEKY2 True. But assumptions and propaganda don’t make truth. To go along with what the right wing extremists were hawking would be paramount to buying into their mob mentality.

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Clinton was a government official, and nominally on the public payroll, but certainly obligated to adhere to a standard that the public might find reasonably high.
Trump was a private citizen, and on his own payroll.
Who is obligated to adhere to the higher level of honesty?
It’s an open question.

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And @josie looking at the percentages that @thorninmud provided who indeed adhered to the higher level of honesty?
But thank you for explaining why Clintons lies were worse,and don’t worry Trump will be totally honest while in office, I hope.

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All politicians lie. Why are we arguing about what everybody knows?

And if Trump, having become a politician, also begins to lie, what’s new?

To the hoi polloi, it only matters who is doing the lying. Not whether they are or not.

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@ragingloli Magnificent answer! The best!

Who said, “The truth is, no one knows the truth”?


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I require questions to be in standard English, @Darth_Algar.

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A candidate that is not viable would not win the popular vote (especially by nearly 2,000,000 votes) now would they?

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Clinton was a loser.
And she lost.
She never should have carried her baggage into the race. If she had supported a younger female or a popular Hispanic, I believe the Democrats would have taken the race.

I felt badly for Al Gore, but, IMO, his response to losing showed that he likely did not have the mettle to be POTUS. Hit the ground running.
I do not feel badly for Clinton. I feel badly for the United States of America. And I blame HER.

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Except she didn’t lose. She won the vote. By around 2,000,000.

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A pox on them both. I still feel the Bern.

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