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What does your Linux desktop look like?

Asked by tonedef (3930points) August 17th, 2008

I’m playing around in Ubuntu, and I’ve customized my desktop somewhat, but I’m sure that it could be much sexier, and less Windows-like. Has anyone done some really wild or cool things with their desktop? I like Linux because it’s a alternative to Windows- I want people to know what it is right when they see it.

Does anyone have pictures of their desktop online? I’d love to see.

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I use Ubuntu to and I do have it styled a little, I’ll give you a up-to-date screen shot in a moment, I’ve been messing with Linux for a year or two now but I’ve only just got Ubuntu up and running on this computer. Here’s some previous screen shots of my desktop setups:

As for my current desktop setup (which you will see soon), I have a lot of messing around to do, I’d like to make it look nice, yet make it usable and ensure that I only have the programs installed that I want. Although saying that, this installation is quite messy and it will take time, I may in the end just wipe it all and start again. I’ll see how it goes eh? I’d really like to switch to/also use Fedora, in fact, I would like to try them all out haha, that’s why I find it so difficult to pick a distro to sit down and just use.

So here’s a quick screen shot of my current desktop: it’s nothing fancy sadly, I have Compiz Fusion running, but I need to fix a bug or two, it may just be Wine that’s breaking it all, sadly. I have lots and lots of work I need to do on it before it will be an OS I’m willing to work on.

I’ve found because I have so much I can change and tinker with I end up spending more time sorting it then working on it, unlike Windows which is just set default and that’s it!

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Thanks, skyrail! I like your desktops. I revamped my old desktop and made it even greener by tweaking themes in Emerald. Hopefully that’ll make it stand out :)

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I think I’ve reached a desktop that I’m comfortable with! Check it out here.

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Awesome tonedef, you’ve certainly made it clean, even for such a small desktop, nicely done :) nice background that fits in with the side widget thing as well :) I finally came up with a layout/look I liked:–95286722 but looking at yours now I want to change haha, do you ever find that? You seem to perfect your desktop then you see another desktop and think ‘I wish my desktop was like theirs’. I’ve yet to perfect my desktop now.

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@ skyrail: I’ve given my desktop about as many looks as days I’ve had it. Ubuntu is like crack for people who like to customize things. Also, I can’t see that link :(

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Well I’ll be,–95286722 try that, if that doesn’t work I’ll upload it to my own hosting space. You are absolutely right about the ubuntu crack customise thing haha. Well put, well put indeed. Out of interest, seeing as you’re an ubuntu user, do you know of any simple video tutorials that I could make? I want to give something back to the community somehow and I feel that maybe I could do that through video tutorials.

Edit: well snap, the link does not work when I put it through Fluther, must be the way it is parsed. mhmm. Try going to my profile here and it’s the deviation (screenshot/piece of art/whatever) called Desktop 2

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Ooh! I think that any entry-level command line information would be incredibly useful… I just don’t know where to start, and I think that would help a lot of people make the switch. I think that’s the most intimidating part of switching.

Also, super classy desktop! I need to put a force quit in my panel… I don’t know why I haven’t yet.

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Ooh, command line tutorials, maybe I should look into that, thanks :) Yeh, although applications are quite stable on Linux it does have its moments and it is certainly a handy little shortcut helper on the toolbar.

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I used conky to get the nice sidebar info. and if you right click your terminal program, you should be able to update the settings and modify the opacity to make it partially clear. I enjoy this for hand copying terminal commands from my browser to the comand line.

Check out for podcasts on all beginner linux topics (command line included) =)

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