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What about the 40GB PS3?

Asked by bmhit1991 (246points) August 17th, 2008

So I heard that at E3, Sony announced that starting in September, it would release an 80GB PS3 for $400. Well the 40GB costs $400, so is it going to drop in price, or is 80GB going to be the only option when it launches?

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40gb or 1tb, doesn’t mean the games are gonna get better. Looking at it objectively, most people who buy a PS3 do it because of the bluray player. The number of quality exclusive games to the console? You can count them on one hand… and I’m talking games WORTH buying: Not games you could bounce around from Gamefly with enough time to beat them in a week.

The Xbox 360 has a larger user base, many of the same games ps3 has, and many more titles that I would buy. Plus, have you seen how many used 360 games you can pick up for under $25? Plenty of next gen HD fun, and you don’t have to wait for the one next big Sony Game in 2009.

That said, I love Metal Gear, It looks amazing, I can’t wait to play it, but it’s not worth the almost $500 startup fee.

Plus, it’s something like a 12 – 16gb install on your hard drive to play. That’s right, you have to install the games to the ps3… It doesn’t take more than any 5–6 of them plus saves to fill up that 40gb “mistake” people are going to buy into. Then they have to uninstall a game (or two) to install a new one, and if there is a game you want to share with a buddy that you just uninstalled?

Get the picture?

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I have an 80GB PS3, picked it up with Motorstorm some months ago for $399 at Gamestop.

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yeah. i want the ps3 as a blu-ray player first, and as a game system as an added bonus. there are just a few sony exclusive games i want to play on it, so I’m thinking the 40GB would be better for me…. but only if it goes down in price. Right now, it’s at the same price that the 80GB will be in september. GameInformer told me that a new model of the 80GB would launch in September for $400 with all the functionality of the 40GB (less ports and doesn’t support ps2 games). And says they have a 40GB for $400 and the 80GB MGS4 bundle for $500. So if 80GB goes down to $400, it’s $100 cheaper (and doesn’t include the game), so what’s going to happen to the 40GB? They won’t have a 40GB and an 80GB for $400 each. The 40GB wouldn’t sell! So are they discontinuing the 40GB, or are they chopping $100 off of it as well, or what?

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Somy is dropping the 40gb PS3. They will no longer sell it.

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so is it going to drop to $300 until they sell out, or what?

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They will stop distributing them. The price won’t change, stores will just no longer have any.

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^ That is the article I read and was looking for.

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