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Would you believe his story?

Asked by SuperMouse (30814points) August 17th, 2008

I just got an email from niece. She told me that the guy she has been dating (and incidentally has had some issues with recently), took a nasty hit in football practice. He told her he has a concussion and as a result he doesn’t remember who she is. This sounds a bit fishy to me.

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Is his supposed memory loss affecting anyone else, or just her?
Never had one myself, but from what I gather, a concussion would have to be pretty severe to cause memory loss – beyond disorientation and confusion….

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If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck its…..BS

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Ive had a few concussions because of one car crash and three or four skateboarding falls without a helmet. They were all mild. The only thing I dont remember is the car crash. I had a headache and puked a couple of the times but that was all. Is he in the hospital? Im inclined to think he is full of shit.

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Well, apparently, it’s possible to have amnesia following a concussion. However, it sounds like it’s usually only temporary and limited, though a serious concussion can cause amnesia for 24 hours or more.

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3. What is amnesia?

4. Amnesia, confusion may signal concussion

5. Can concussion or short term amnesia have long term effects? []

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It sounds like a perfect opportunity to get as far away as possible from him.

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Does he remember any/everyone else he met in the same time period? Can’t be sure, but it sure sounds like a load of crap.

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Selective memory loss is a wonderful thing!

But I’d need more details to so quickly condemn the fellow.

He probably remembers her, but may be fuzzy on the details. Or he is just a jerk.

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I’d ask for a doctors note…

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Tell her to whack him in the nether regions. This oughta jog his memory!

Although…it’s not out of the realm of possibility to experience memory loss from a concussion.
Referred to as retrograde amnesia, the unlucky recipient will suffer a memory deficit after sustaining a head injury or concussion. Memory loss is usually specific to some period prior to the injury.
My guess….He’s bullshitting. Unless she’s a recent addition to his dating pool…say an hour or two before the injury?
I call bullshit!

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Have someone call his mother or family member pretending to be a doctor, insurance agent or someone applicable. The reaction to the call should let you know if it’s bull.

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It sounds like he’s watched too many crappy 60’s sitcoms.

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LOL sounds like he just dosent want to date her anymore.

Advice find a new non-jerk guy.

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i would want some proof he was in hospital. then again, if she is doubting him her instincts are telling her something and she should listen.

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@jca, I don’t think she’s doubting him, it is just her aunt who is doubting him!

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maybe she should doubt him, as well as her aunt. she actually believes him? I’m just curious how old she is. i do understand wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt, but…..

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I have had mild cucussions and not to long ago a extreme concussion I did get amnesia and from my experience I lost memory of everything and everybody. I did not even know who my family was and since I’m te youngest I knew evryone for just a month shy of 30 years. I am better and remember everybody not everythingabout my accident but everybody and everything before. So if he just says he does not remember her I think it is a bunch of BS . I believe so anyways.

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If he is really confused, hanging in with him would be a wonderful gift. If he is wanting to dump her and this is his way of doing it, leaving asap would be the obvious course of action.

So, I think having a real conversation with him, finding out what is really going on, and also based on what she knew of him from before, could be how to handle this situation. If he has been trying to break up, and this is the latest in a series of attempts to do it, she will probably have to face that fact and move on—with haste.

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