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I have been wearing Fracas for years, the new perfume does not stay on could be my age 77?

Asked by blanche (37points) May 14th, 2018

I am 77, been wearing Fracas for 45 years the latest bottle has no staying power, maybe my age or the scent is no longer as good please advise

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Perhaps your sense of smell isn’t what it used to be?

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I’ve noticed that my taste buds are dying & I do believe my ability to smell is having a similar problem. That & the sellers are changing to cheaper ingredients in everything we buy so they can keep their profit margin up there. Just don’t start using twice as much because it might be your nose & not the Fracas!!!

BTW, you’re NOT that much older than I am!!!

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Layering is the way to go. Is your skin dryer now? Buy the Fracas lotion, and use that, plus layer on the EDT or perfume. Moisturized skin helps hold the fragrance on you longer. If you want to go all out you use the shower gel, lotion, deodorant (if they make deodorant I don’t remember) and perfume.

If that all sounds like a pain you can use scentless lotion cheap from the drug store in the spots you put on your perfume.

I was a a fragrance buyer, layering is not only sakes people trying to sell more products, it really does help keep the fragrance on linger throughout the day.

Plus, EDP will have more oils than EDT (I don’t even remember if Fracas makes an EDT?) and perfume more than EDP. So, the perfume stays longer than the others obviously, and you use less.

It’s true that also, possibly, your ability to smell is fading a little. That’s a real thing too. Are you having trouble smelling other things?

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I would suspect your own schnoz first. Why not quiz your friends on the scent?

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Could it be a knock off?

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