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Which did you like better Pineapple Express or Tropic Thunder?

Asked by TrenchantWit (290points) August 17th, 2008

only reply if you’ve seen both

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Wow, seriously?

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@nayeight uhhh what?

Pineapple Express.

They were both great movies, but i just found pineapple express’ jokes to be more on my level. This is probably because i smoke a lot of weed, but man there were some lines in PE that had my dying.

“What’s down there, a fucking Rancor?”

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I loved pineapple express. My concern was with trenchantwit asking only people who have seen both movies to answer. It’s fair in regards to the question but it’s not fair to demand only people who have seen both answer as this is a collective and anyone is allowed to respond.

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What are you talking about. Its competly fair to only ask people who have only seen both. For example why would i come to you and say “what do you like more coke or pepsi?” when youve only had coke. It makes no sense to ask a question that needs someone to compare and contrast two items when they’ve only experienced one.

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I haven’t yet seen Pineapple but I saw Thunder and was extremely offended by the “retard” jokes. So insensitive and repulsive both the happy jack and the reference to autistic adopted kids…poor poor taste. “God” help anyone who has to go through with raising a mentally / physically challenged child.

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@sndfreQ: I saw thunder and took a lot of those jokes as being not at the expense of the mentally challenged. They were aimed at Hollywood and the film industry and what makes for an oscar and how out-of-touch and pretentious actors can be with their false caring. I thought a lot of that was completely hilarious with Hollywood poking fun at itself. Jokes that are actually aimed at mentally challenged kids aren’t funny. The jokes involving that in this movie were.

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@cyndyh: well the jokes were at their expense. People laughing because Tom Cruise and Matt McConaughey’ characters had mentally challenged kids is not my idea of hilarity.

Let’s just say that as a parent who struggles with this challenge daily, to hear others laughing at the flagrant use of the uttered word “retard” is just so passé and lacking originality; my take on it.

I get the whole parody schtick with Stiller a la Zoolander etc. Just not my cup of tea.

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@uberbatman, Im just saying that maybe people who have just seen one movie can give some good feedback too like sndfreQ did.

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@sndfreQ: I understand your point of view. I just want you to know that not everyone who laughed was laughing at you or your kid. I laughed at those jokes, but I was laughing at Hollywood making fun of itself not anyone dealing with disabilities.

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Sorry for dragging the thread down…just really tired of that kind of humor with Stiller and those type of movies…Farrelly brothers also did it in There’s Something About Mary…just sort of a downer in an otherwise funny movie.

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Again I see your point. It’s just that disagreeing with you doesn’t mean I’m laughing at your expense or at your kid’s expense. Do you know what I mean?

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I’m going to answer the question even though I haven’t seen Tropic Thunder. I laughed my ass off at Pineapple Express! I love movies like that. “smells like gods vagina…” I thought James Franco was hilarious in it. So…. Technically I didn’t really answer the question, I simply gave my opinion on Pineapple Express. When I go see tropic thunder I’ll let you know.

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Pineapple Express! That flick was hilarious. I laughed during most of the movie.

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they were both really funny! funniest movies i’ve seen in a while. its tough to choose but i’m gonna have to go with tropic thunder probably because of how much a fan of robert downey jr i am!

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Tropic Thunder ftw! How can you beat Robert Downey Jr playing a “dude playing a dude disguised as another dude”?

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He was so funny. I think he stole the show.

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Tropic Thunder. Hands down.
Solid cast. Solid Script.

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