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Do you have an example of women feel/think one way and men feel/think another way?

Asked by flo (11353points) May 23rd, 2018

What comes to mind when you hear (see) men think/feel… ( fill in the blank) and women feel/think… (fill in the blank). Nothing physical. Some people are excusing men or women for whatever wrong doing, because they are men or women (whatever the case).

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From my experience men think that I am being enabled and women think that they are helping someone down on his luck . When talking about my disability.

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When it comes to love, women have an emotional connection & men have a physical connection. Then we can’t understand why we aren’t on the same wavelength!!!

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Women are never, or are not consistently on the same “wavelength.” Hard to parallel something so random. The wheel of random emotion spins throughout the day, and could change at any random time…

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Women are better problem solvers.
Men tend to lack finesse.
Women give their emotions some attention.
Men tend to view emotions as a character flaw.

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Generally speaking men seem to have less fear than women.

Men are better at assuming they will just do what they want to do, while women consider all the people around them and sacrifice more often the things they want to do, doing for others or doing what others want to do instead.

Men are very good at focusing on a task and finishing it, but they suck at dealing with an interruption to the task. Women are better at “multi-tasking”. Not that you can actually do two things at once, it’s more that women don’t get angry when they have to switch gears and take on a new task, and then go back to the original task.

Everything above I see in both men and women, but it’s just a matter of seeing it more in one gender than the other in my experience.

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Women feel men are insane drivers and take chances. Men think women are lousy drivers.

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I just saw an interview that talked about young children both genders are fairly equal in rush taking and confidence, and then between ages 8 and 16 the girls drop significantly. Testosterone increases the confidence and risk taking, and estrogen lowers it.

They said it’s not all hormones and genes, it’s also experiences and environment. Their advice is mom’s need to set examples of taking risks,including screwing up and showing it’s ok to make a “mistake.” Women are more perfectionist oriented, which paralyzed them.

She also said dad’s motive the huge change in their young daughters much more than moms.

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But what about stereotyping?

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Sorry type: risk taking, not rush taking.

@flo What about it. It’s definitely stereotyping, but there is also some truth in some of it.

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Risk taking can be advantageous to a tribe/group. Men take the chance, because they are more expendable, and more likely to survive a potential risk.

Historically, men take most external risks, like wat, or sacrifice. Internal risk, I would say is something like child bearing. Child bearing is the most impressive thing a human can do. Men, are the army ants, or drones.

It’s an interesting relationship between the two genders. It has worked, so far.

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There’s an admittedly stereotyping statement that goes along the lines of:
Women want a bad boy that behaves well only with them. And…
Men want a good girl who is only bad with them.

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@LuckyGuy is right. My ex always said that “if you treat a lady like a ho & a ho like a lady that they’ll give you anything that you want” It has gotten him what his selfish ass wanted for the last 77 years!!!

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We want “a lady in the streets, and a freak in the bed.”

Women just seem to prefer assholes…

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We only prefer assholes UNTIL we meet our soulmate & then the perfect gentleman is ALL we need…You just haven’t met the right woman yet!!! We remain a lady on the streets & a freak in the bed… at least a real woman does with the right man!!!

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I don’t prefer assholes.

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I can’t speak for females, but my observations lead me to believe that females do indeed prefer the worst males…

Some like the drama. Some have no self respect. For some females, it depends on what hour, of what day…

Just observation…

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