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When was the last time you felt conned?

Asked by flutherother (31744points) May 24th, 2018

It could be anything, being overcharged or misled but it left you feeling cheated.

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When the generic version of a prescription dropped the monthly cost from $510 to $450…

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When ever I hear a Republican give a speech!

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When Trump was elected.

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I have a dangerous Broad Leaf Maple tree. It’s huge. The trunk is growing on my property but half of the tree is growing onto my neighbor’s property and house. The braches were hanging over an on my neighbor’s roof and deck. It looks like if the tree gets bigger that it may split and crush my neighbor’s house. Oddly none of this bothers my neighbor who says he loves the tree.

A certied arborist convinced my neighbor that it’s important to trim the tree.

I agreed to pay $1000 to the aborist to do what the aborist called “A trim on steroids”. However the workers of the arborist just removed a few dead branches.

I told the worker that this is not my understanding of what I paid for. The tree worker said that he would talk to the boss and likely come back later to finish the job. Never did and my emails and phone calls to the arborist went unanswered.

I just retaliated with a piss-poor Yelp report.

The next time a tree professional touched that tree will be to remove it completely with a written contract up front.

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Doctor’s office.

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That’s sad @gondwanalon, although I understand the need.

Re Doc’s office…I have never felt conned by the doctor, except once. My doctor of 20 years moved to KC. :( His replacement was….a trip. A trip to even look at. I had my concerns but gave him a chance.
I went in for some lab work that I requested. His nurse called me with the results…all normal. Then, while we were on the phone she said, “Wait….” and I could her her muffled voice talking to someone….then she came back and said, “Doctor wants you to come in to discuss the results of the UTI report.”
Well, she had just told me it was normal but…OOOOOkay.
When I went in I told the gals at the front desk I was not going to pay my copay until I heard what the doc had to say.
All the doc had to say was that it was normal.
I said, “I already knew that. Why did you bring me in?”
“YOU are the once who wanted to come in!”
A small disagreement ensued, he told the girls up front not to charge me a copay, and I never went back.
I figured it was all a con to get $20 bucks from me.
Been looking for a doctor ever since.

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@gondwanalon We have two huge multi trunk trees that were like the one on our property. A long time ago someone wrapped a heavy cable around the trunks of one tree about 20 feet up. Problem solved. It’s been that way so long the tree grew around part of the cable. It’s so big it’s called a “heritage tree”.

The other was secured last year by screwing heavy screws into the trunks, attaching a cable to them, and cinching them up. We did this again farther up the trunks. These two multi trunk trees are now well supported, and are perfectly safe.

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The last time I was conned was in China when a guy approached me to say he would clean my shoes for me. This is common in China and I asked him how much. He replied 10 yuan which is about £1.00. This was dear but he seemed an enterprising bloke so I said OK. He did a good job and I gave him a 20 yuan note. He gave me no change and using translation software told me he wouldn’t give me change as he had (I think) used two different kinds of polish. Clearly nonsense but he had me over a barrel. I let him know what I thought of him and left.

Shoe shines are everywhere in China and are usually street based and wait for customers to approach them. The standard price is 3 yuan. It is not such a good idea to deal with someone who approaches you.

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