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Do you know of any stores or businesses that have misleading names?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) May 27th, 2018

I can think of a few.

Pottery Barn: Sells home accents and home décor items, including furniture and lamps. Has a high-end, vintage feel that does not lend well with the name ‘barn’. Potter Barn, to me, sounds like they would sell statuary, ceramic pots for planting, paving stones and fountains.

Garden Ridge: Recently changed its name to ‘At Home,’ Another Home Accents warehouse, kinda like Michaels or Hobby Lobby but nothing to do with the garden.

Little Professor Books: Sounds like where proud young mothers would get smart books and chemistry sets and erector sets for their six year olds. He’s gonna be a little professor some day. But actually its a regular bookstore like Barnes and Nobel— and I suspect its name might be a turn-off to regular adult denizens of bookstores.

The Flower Bouquet: Sounds like a florist but its really a fabric store—selling fabric, patterns, buttons and zippers.

Value City Furniture and Get it For Less: There is nothing discount about these businesses. In fact, most other places cost less.

Easy Foods: I hate to think what this might be

Maybe its just an Avant Garde exercise to name such places such unrelated names.

Do you know any?

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^And if you need to look it up on the internet be sure to put in the entire name: Dick’s Sporting Goods. Especially if you are using a work computer.

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Although they do sell staples.
not sure why Dicks doesn’t deliver like Staples does, quite a disappointment if you ask me

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Trump University had no connection with a university, a college or an academic institution of any kind.

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Wilkinson Sword.
They no longer make swords.

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Johnny Cupcakes looks like a bakery, calls themselves a bakery, has a cupcake in their logo, uses glass-front bakery cases to display merch — but they sell T-Shirts.

Super annoying.

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A tailor shop called Cuffs and Collars.

There is triple meaning. (triple entendre?) It could also mean police supplies or it could mean something else.

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They are not an academic institution. They are a lowly mercenary outfit.

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Environmental Protection Agency these days.

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Johnny Rockets
Food for Less (the word Food should be in quotes)
Best Buy

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White House Black Market. I just shopped there, a few days ago, for the first time in a while. I was surprised to see so many different colors. The inventory continues to emphasize black and white clothes, but variety has certainly creeped in.

I remember when that store was simply White House, selling nothing but items in shades of white. I’m sure the concept was too restrictive and lacked broad appeal. But, now it’s more like White-Black-Rainbow House.

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Yep, my dad’s Small business that he owns. It’s called Travelhost, and it sounds like a travel agency, but it’s actually a tourist magazine for out of towners.

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A local, Hometown Heating and Air. The name implies that they service furnaces, but I’ve called them twice (stupidly) and they didn’t really do anything but look at it and say “yep, you’ve got a problem”.

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Payless Shoe Store or Payless Shoe Source.

Payment, in fact, IS required, so it isn’t payless.

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Cheesecake Factory. Bed, Bath and beyond. They don’t sell beds and they don’t have anything beyond.

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Texas Roadhouse.- Founded in Clarksville, Indiana, Corporate office is in Louisville, Kentucky.

7–11 convenience stores – open 24 hours.

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Burger King. I mean, does royalty really eat that stuff?

Outback Steakhouse, which has nothing, whatsoever, to do with Australia.

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You’re talking about the pride of Australia!

They eat bloomin onions, ALL the time…

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^^^ I’m talkin’ ‘bout an American theme restaurant, based in Tampa FL and created by three American partners.

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^WHAT!?! Outback doesn’t genuinely represent Australian cuisine, and culture?

Uh… No….

Next thing, you’ll tell me Olive Garden, isn’t a genuine representation of Italian cuisine, and culture. No way buddy….

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