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Have you ever heard of a restaurant with "Food" in its actual name?

Asked by Jeruba (48494points) April 7th, 2010

Restaurants from the fanciest (The Four Seasons) to the lowliest (Pete’s Diner) have all sorts of names, some referencing location (Anthony’s Pier 4, Harborside Grill, Positively Front Street), some naming the owner (Charlie’s Kitchen) or the type of food (Erik’s Deli, Tony’s Pizza), some evoking ethnicity (Genji) or culture (Lutece), some the type of establishment (Dog’n’Suds, Betty’s Eatery), some that tell you nothing (McDonald’s).

Why doesn’t any of them say “food”? Why not “Pete’s Food,” “Chen’s Chinese Food,” “Good Food”?—not as a descriptor under the name or as part of another word (“seafood”) but as part of the actual name of the restaurant? Have you ever seen one?

And if you did—would it appeal to you, or would you think it strange and shy away?

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Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food Restaurant. Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport, Hounslow, London

White Trash fast Food Restaurant

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I like that approach.

If it has food call it food. Or eats.

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My mom managed a restaurant called Ed’s Fine Foods. :)

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Food for thought i’d call mine, if I ever were to own one.Can’t say that I have ever seen any like you say.

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I have seen one called “Eats”

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“Fine Foods,” that does come pretty close. “Eats” is exactly what I’m talking about: why is “Eats” (which I find gaggingly repugnant) a more likely name than “Food”? Whatever made the owner think “Eats” was a good name? Why not call it “Food”?

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I guess because “food” is too general. Most like to give a name that specifies what type of food they offer.

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Well, hurray, @njnyjobs. Great find. I have never run across any such myself, but I am pleased to know that somebody thinks it makes sense.

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Seafood and Soul Food are the only common examples I can think of.

And I used to know a Korean place called Seoul Food :-)

Angel Food Bakeryā€ˇ

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There is a place nearby called The Cajun Foodhouse. I thought the same thing when I first saw the name, it is kinda rare to find a restaurant that actually has food in the name.

BTW, the food there is delicious.

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It’s too general. Right? Well what KIND of food is it? Deni’s Food doesn’t sound appealing at all. DENI’S HOT AND SPICY CAJUN GRILL sounds good though!

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That would be like including “product” in the name of a store. It’s just not necessary and it doesn’t tell you anything about the restaurant.

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not quite a restaurant, but it is a grocery….Whole Foods! Which is a bangin’ store

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@DominicX You mean like Toys “R” Us?

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No, I mean like the word “product” itself like “Larry’s Products”. I think that would be more akin to having “food” in the name of a restaurant. Restaurants always have food, stores always have products. Neither one of those is really necessary to put in the name and makes it sound kind of goofy in my opinion.

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@DominicX Mmm… okay. I’m gonna let you go with a warning this time.

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i shall bring up whole foods. good or bad? They have an amazing deli i resist.

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I can’t think of one.

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Oh yes I live down the street from one.

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Foodstudio in Atlanta.
You aren’t worthy.

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When I was is Germany at a music festival (Hurricane), there was a food stall called “China Food”. It most certainly was food and yes, it was Chinese.

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I just thought of a good one, “Dog Food” for a hot dog stand haha

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We have a Chinese place in my town called “Food King”.

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Just like @jaytkay, I know of a Korean restaurant named Seoul Food. And there is a chain of bars called Drink

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The hindi word for food – Khana is actually immensely popular here in Indian restaurants’ names. Can’t recall one with food in its title though..

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Isn’t there a chain of restaurants with that name? Hell, I’ve driven coast to coast six times, and a lot more intermediate trips, and I keep going by this “Eat Food Restaurant” on every trip.

Ever heard of it?

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Foody Goodies

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This question needed this: The World’s Worst Restaurant names – with photos! Enjoy!

I liked Chewy Balls.

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