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How mean or evil are you in your head?

Asked by heysupnm (286points) August 17th, 2008

Are you normally a friendly, polite and professional person? If yes…
Do you ever think of extremely brutal comebacks that would be totally uncalled for when you are talking to a friend? Have you ever thought of random acts of violence in public situations? Do you constantly resist insane impulses?
How mean or evil are you in your head?

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I’m not. That sounds a little scary.

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I pretty much speak my mind.

But is there something you want to tell us man?

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I speak my mind most of the time as well. There are certain situations where it is completely uncalled for to say something, but god knows im thinking it. That or just thinking how much i want to punch this asshole in the face right about now, but restrain myself because i know the ramifications of my actions.

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incredibly. I frighten me sometimes, but mostly I just fight random urges to trip people or smack them in the back of the head. Public service will do that to you.

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Maybe it’s justified in my head. :^> No, I usually say what I want to say. Sometimes I think it’d serve no purpose to say something if I think it would be unlikely to make anything better.

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I think some of the things I think and feel in my head are completely unlike me in the real world. My thoughts at times can scare me actually, because it is so out of character.

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I’m going to hell.

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nah, God grades on a curve. :-)

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If I did what was in my head I’d be in prison (or maybe not, maybe I’m smart enough not to get caught…)

Yeah, thank god for the social contract or Rousseau.

I’d love to be able to push people down stairs.

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I have a full proof plan for controling the world and have a list of people I would like to destroy at some point of my life

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@pinky134: Wow, down stairs? Really? The worst I’ve ever considered was whooping someone upside their head to knock some sense into them.

I have rolled up a newspaper and smacked a friend with it and told him he was a “bad dog” when he talked about dating someone we all knew he shouldn’t be dating again. He got the point, and I didn’t have to hurt my hand. :^>

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The only time I’m really evil is when I’m driving – with no children in the car. I get incredibly frustated and pissed off by other (idiotic) drivers, and am quite vocal about it, using language that would make a sailor blush. Chances are, I’d never say these things to anyone’s face.

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As a man thinks in his heart, so he is. Pr. 23:7 God help me!

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I was told once to “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet. ”

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jholler: Who on earth gave you that advice?

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I’m not that bad but Bad Mark is an evil bastard.

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Thank heaven for the prefrontal cortex. It’s the ‘good cop’ of the brain, controlling all of those anti-social impulses. More primitive parts of the brain are constantly imagining mayhem, whether we’re aware of it or not. But our uniquely human prefrontal cortex squelches (hopefully) the nastier bits before they get loose in the world. (if you have a moment, check out the interesting case of Phineas Gage)

One of the more… um, interesting aspects of doing a meditative practice for some time is discovering the dirty underbelly of the human mind. As disquieting as that can be, I think it’s good to know what the brain is up to in its dark alleys.

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augustian: self defense instructor. I look at it as an extension of the boy scout motto, to “be prepared”.

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@jholler: Now it makes sense.

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I pretty much speak my mind. Only time I absolutely don’t and can’t is when I’m at work (retail). When I have an idiotic/rude customer, sometimes I just want to shake them. But I keep my cool…and roll my eyes, and say to myself a few choice words behind their back.

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I’m always friendly and polite, but I always keep a very mean House-like inner monologue running, too. It amuses the hell out of me.

Also, since I grew up on horror and that’s the sort of stuff that I write now, I constantly picture bizarre and gruesome deaths when I’m out in public. I don’t wish them on anyone (except, perhaps, for my brother-in-law and my best friend’s ex-boyfriend who beat her up when she broke up with him), but the images definitely pop up.

Somewhat related: I recently a read a book where someone wondered, if a person decided to self-cannibalize, how much of their own body could they eat before they died? I’d pondered the same thing years earlier and was thrilled to find I’m not the only weirdo who comes up with crap like that.

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Like TheHaight, I too work in retail and must bite my tongue and clench my fists until the angry words running through my brain pass.
Other than that, I’m usually the same inside as out, although I can be quite sarcastic and cynical in my head without saying it out loud. If I think of a really brutal comeback that would be too harsh at the time, I save it and tell someone else about it later :P

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I just do what I have to do. I’m pretty damn mellow, (90% of the time) but you cross my path the wrong way, and shit goes down. I’m not afraid to stand my ground or the ground that the innocent or my friends share. When it’s bull shit drama, it’s a different story. My friends know that I’m there to have a good time, but when shit gets rough which from time to time happens they know that they can count on me.

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I usually think of the things I should have said or done after the moment has passed. That frustrates me. I hate when I miss the golden opportunity.

So, I guess I’m a little evil, but a lot slow :-(

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I really hope I didn’t give everyone the impression that I’m some scary closeted psychopath! What I experience is similar to MacBean’s “House-like inner monologue” – I will think of mean sarcastic responses in my head but won’t say them out loud.

@Randy and webmasterwilliam: I’m talking about crazy actions you imagine in your head but restrain yourself from doing/saying.

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I want to kill the person who found my car keys and didn’t return them to the information desk at the mall like normal people do… but you know, just in my head…

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I call those images “fantasies” or the Id sticking its head up for a moment. We all have them, unless you are Id-less ( different than clueless or brainless.)

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When I’m driving I often fantasize about having a steam roller that can do 120mph.

When I see a W ‘04 bumper sticker, I’m severely tempted to piss in their gas tank.

I have a neighbor who sometimes leaves a nasty note on my car if I park in front of their house. It’s a public street and I only park there when it’s the closest spot…other people park in front of my house and I don’t touch THEIR cars. Plus this neighbor has one car and a driveway built into their yard, I don’t. There’s no reason it should upset them. Every time I see one of those notes I want to drive my car into their living room, get out and staple the damn note to their forehead.

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@dalepetrie: Yeoh! You always sound so calm and collected. Now I wonder if that eyeball’s looking at me. :^>

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hehehe….I’m one of those “normal, friendly, polite and professional people” mentioned in the question who has a lot of evil thoughts but far more than the needed restraint to keep from acting on them.

Of course, if I ever DO snap, I’m the guy all the neighbors will come on TV saying “he was a quiet person…”

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Not so much mean or evil, but I do have a running dialogue in my mind when interacting with “the despised.” As in “Good morning!”...(Jackass! <in my mind). Helps with the ‘ol sanity.

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