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Is there a way out of this rat race?

Asked by seVen (3472points) August 18th, 2008 from iPhone

does everyone have to conform to this same philosophy of rushing for moolah to keep up with the jonses/world ?

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I’m in the middle of reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” I hope I have a answer to your question by the time I’m done.

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I don’t think I want to spend the rest of my life embroiled in it, I’d love to split my time between making enough to get by and save some, and spend the rest of my time on creative things, pet projects and good causes. I don’t think we have to subscribe to society’s model of live to work, and I don’t think it’s one that promotes our wellbeing.

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Lucky for you, I just figured this out. :-D (luckier for me)

The only reason we’re HERE is to serve others with our special skills (see I can’t spell but can make kids laugh)

The only way we know why were here, is by this thing called Like / Dislike. When you like something, do more of it. When you dislike something, it’s the emotional equivalent of burning yourself with a match (it hurts for a reason – keep burning yourself and you’ll, well.. wonder why you did that.)

So, every 2 minutes, ask yourself, do I like this? If yes, keep doing it, if no, make an adjustment. (watch kids play – they stop when the interest or fun disappears) that’s how we’re supposed to live.

Regarding money: the WRONG thinking is that we NEED it do be happy. Its also WRONG to think that we can’t just create it.

Money is a physical way of exchanging value for service. SERVE others and money can’t help but flow to you.

So answer these two questions and you’ll be done.

1. Am I serving anybody?
2. Do I like it?

And keep trying something different until you’re serving people AND you like it. That’s all.

Please send book proposals to me via PM (hahaha..)

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Here’s one way out. Here’s another.

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I’m a graphic designer and was working fulltime in Manhattan for years. I hated commuting, and dealing with office politics. I decided I had enough talent to work for myself at home, and I’ve been doing that for over a year now. I must say, it’s been amazing! I now wake up when I want, I started taking trips to places I’ve been dying to see, and I’m a lot more healthy mentally. Of course, not everyone can do what I’ve done, so I consider myself lucky in a way.

The bottom line is that you only have so much time in life, and money doesn’t buy happiness. Doing what you love is much more important.

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I turned down a raise at work because I knew it would make my life that much harder. People couldn’t understand why I would turn down more money. Well people money isn’t everything.

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Uh, yeah, stop watching Entertainment Tonight and Trading Spaces, so you don’t feel like you have absolutely nothing compared to the stars on TV. Once you stop camparing your life to someone that you view as higher up on the economic latter, you may finally realize that what you have is more than enough to survive and prosper. Material pocessions only comfort for something absent in another aspect in life. Its hard not to surround yourself with luxuries that others will envy for but you will only dig a deeper hole for your demise.

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As long as we can not actually own property, I do not see how it is possible This is why I do not think that we are free. We are taxed on the 2 necessities we “need” to live here, work and property. Let’s say I hit the lottery, bought my house for cash, and completely own it. I now have to produce some sort of income, just to pay my taxes. It seems that we are free, only if we play by their rules.
I hear alot of people talk about the government regulating everything. To me, this means that humans are too dumb to make educated decisions on things, and because of this, we need to pass laws (regulations) for everything. Anytime something bad happens, we pass new laws. I believe it is getting to the point where we have passed too many laws and people are bound to get caught up in it one way or the other. All of these regulations we pass, only mean more mandatory things people must have to live.

I believe if we went back to a system of property rights, where you own all of your property, COMPLETELY, without anyone being able to touch the money you work for or the money you put into your house, we might be able to have no more rat race, but as long as we are on this 30 day billing cycle, 40 hour work weeks, and paying interest on paper the Fed prints and calls it money, maybe we will get out of this rat race.

Of course there is the situations that I think is going to happen, which is a Fed- created depression. I think the rat race would end quickly and we will realize the important necessities in life once again. Im almost getting to the point that I hope it happens.

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Money is nice…I ♥ money

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I really don’t like money let’s barter.

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wiii, what do ya got to barter with?

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@judi I will do photography for your weddings, family, or whatever occasion. I will offer to upgrade/fix your computer. Even show some people how to use a computer. I will do work around your house, wether its cleaning or handyman style.

I sure I could do more. Just to name a few. The world would be happier and debt free : )

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What state are you in?

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Colorado, and i occasionally travel to Utah, Washington, Oregon, California, and Arizona

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willbrawn how about a web site where people can list the things they like doing / are willing to do.

They get credits for each time they do something, and you have to do something to get credits. Then, you can exchange credits if you’ve already had your computer upgraded.

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ideabrian@ that would be cool. Please make that LOL

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So far in the book I’ve learned that you should spend your money on things that make you money, not liabilities like a house or car.

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If you’re asking this question, you must know the answer is “no.” The question then becomes, what to do to support yourself while you do the work you love. Some people say that doing what you love will lead you to a job at which you can make money. Maybe that’s true. I personally believe that if you are on your own (ie aren’t supporting a family) this is a great time to take a risk, and try new things. We are very privileged to have such choices in our lives.

I don’t know if the money will necessarily follow, though.

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Is there a way out of this rat race?
....You can always chuck it all and live behind Safeway….

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Go simplistic move out to no mans land and live off the land it’s hard life but satisfying. I did it for a short while but moved back to civilization. I got a family then well turning back was not an option…

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