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How late into the future will beating the hell out of an atm machine be considered assault?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13737points) June 16th, 2018

When in the future will AI get equal rights to a human?

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Probably by this time next year.

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AI machines already have more rights than humans in the US. When did you last hear of an AI machine being deported from the US? When did you last hear of an AI machine being refused repairs when it developed a fault?

In the future AI machines will be programmed with the entire US Penal Code and will know more case law than any human being. The will be given powers to act as judge jury and executioner. An assault on an ATM will be met with instant destruction from built in machine guns and high intensity lasers.

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I’m not sure an ATM really qualifies as artificial intelligence.

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They will never get that right. Things that aren’t even alive don’t need any right.

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If we ever have robots that have consciousness and feelings then they will need to be given rights like humans. If ATMs resembling the current ones are still around they will be treated just as they are now. Ray Kurzweil says what he calls the singularity is going to take place by 2045. Link

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