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How close or far do you think we are from having proper holographic technology available for personal use?

Asked by LucyL (40points) January 28th, 2020

so the title says it all but to clarify a bit I’m talking Star Wars holograms or a holodeck from Star Trek.

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Star Wars “Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope” and chess sets, more or less, not far – sort of similar things are available if limited and expensive. At least, the technology to do it. The content and designs to make it useful, not as much.

Star Trek holodeck, no, good luck with that. 3D headsets about as close as we’ve got. Not an easy problem, especially not the way they show it on Star Trek. (But good roleplaying games using imagination are in some ways better, IMO.)

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Zaku I agree with the holodeck statement because thinking over what I remember from the Star Trek I’ve watched it seems to have infinite space despite being in a room of a certain size, and bending space to our whim is far out of reach for humans… for now…

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Yep. One of the major obstacles is what the physical bodies do. Another is how you read and translate what someone wants to do with their avatar’s body in the virtual world. Another is how to give a full sensory experience of the senses, balance, warmth, etc etc. Those are very very very hard problems to do anywhere near as good a job as they seem to do in Star Trek. Even the problem of making a virtual world itself that behaves realistically is a very hard problem too.

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though it would be super cool and you can’t deny that fact lol, what would you do in a holodeck Zaku?

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@LucyL “having proper holographic technology available for personal use?”

I’m saving my credits until improper holographic personal use is perfected.

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Here’s what makes the holodeck a loser in my book, solids. They manage to sit upon chairs or bar stools, brandish weapons, and consume foods. To achieve those effects would require something different from holograms. Some sort of hallucinogen would be required.

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Holodecks do not bend space, to achieve their apparent infinite space. They use force fields for you to float on. Forcefields are also what they use to give the simulation its solidness, with supplementary use of their replicator technology for certain objects. That is how you can eat food in the simulation, or get wet.
Neither technology you even have the theoretical framework for to get them working.
So, not in a hundred years.

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Not very likely. What is there to project a 3-D image onto??

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What is the use case? How would I use this capability in every day life? What does it bring me that I can’t do with Skype?

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I don’t think that a physical holodeck is required, just the virtual reality in the mind to make you think that you are in a scene etc
So mind mapping hence virtual reality of which we have already in VR game sets..its a start.
Its not without its dangers though.
Example: plugged into a VR as in real life a chaos around you. Should have a safe escape to unplug?

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@LucyL What would I do? Well, one my favorite things is exploring distant places, like foreign cities and parks, so I’d do that. Also I would play the games i play as video games or roleplaying games. Actually i’d also play with the settings so I could do things that I can’t do in real life, like bounce around with low gravity, or fly around like a bird.

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We all know it would be mostly used for sexual things.

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@ragingloli well I think that’s obvious lol, and yea I don’t expect to ever see a holodeck type thing in my lifetime, but maybe who knows… and to @elbanditoroso you could use it for whatever you want.

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