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Did you realize the double standards here at fluther?

Asked by LornaLove (9926points) June 18th, 2018

I submitted a question earlier regards grammar and the standards at Fluther and asked if the grammar was no longer an issue. I had seen a few questions along the lines of: “i think he dont like me know more?” and was shocked really. My question was sent for editing.

I realize now that there are double standards here at fluther and that is why so many people left. It was a long 15 years and many of the questions I answered were to be more helpful than anything else. If fluther is so desperate for followers (which I doubt) there were plenty of 12-year-olds on Yahoo asking those questions all day and also asking: “Do you think I am pretty?!!” :0*

So no, I won’t be editing my question. I’ll be saying goodbye and good luck!

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Not to sound bossy; but…

Take a deep breath, turn off your computer, go for a walk around the block, when you get back take a long hot bath & then go to bed. Tomorrow morning will be a new day with new problems & this one won’t seem so major. I’ve lost 10 pounds since joining Fluther from my walks around the block!!! LoL

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@LadyMarissa The OP has left the building. (Deleted her account)

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This is one of the quietest Q&A sites I know. I think it’s crazy that people are being driven away for stuff like this.

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People can choose to be offended by whatever. I liked the op, but trying to cause a problem before you leave, doesn’t show anyone in a good light.

This is how it happens though. When most leave, they leave a angry manifesto… Sucks…

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Veterans should know better. New users do not.

If this is your worst problem you are lucky. What a dumb reason for a veteran to leave this place.

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Yeah. It’s unfortunate…

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@RedDeerGuy1 Didn’t think to look before I replied. If I was that close to 10,000, I’d stay until I crossed over & hope by then that I would have calmed down!!!

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^Oh yeah. Damn. So much for the next party…

I have noticed that sometimes the mods seem to allow some q’s that don’t match writing standards. I wonder though, if the q’s were even flagged. Could have been a specific jelly, that was just flagging the op. I personally have just tried to improve my writing. I never took it personally, I just figured I drew the mods’ attention more, because I was a common writing standards violator…

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I would add that when a jelly leaves, they aren’t punishing the mods, they are punishing the other jellies. There’s a reason the op was close to 10,000. She was a valuable contributor…

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When people make a departure like this the chances are high that the person is lurking.

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Of course. I’d like this one to know I’m disappointed.

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The OP has left and come back many times with different names. I hope she will rethink and come back again. As I said on that thread, I think it’s fair to have higher standards for old users and break new ones in gradually.

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I hope she comes back.

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I’m curious if she asked the mods or if anyone will. Guess I’m not the quitting type, I’d rather fight it out for justice and get kicked off than quit….lol

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Writing standards have definitely declined in the time I’ve been on this site. Sometimes I can’t figure out what the person is trying to say. Presumably the volunteer Mods just don’t have time to check everything as thoroughly as they used to. It is a bit ironic then that a question on this very subject should be sent for editing especially when it comes from a member who is respected and known for the quality of her writing.

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Lorna, do come back.

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There is no double standard. I had a question sent to editing several months ago. I’m a 10 yr veteran. The mods give detailed information as to why they do the things they do. They told me they expect veterans to know the rules. (this was during a time when a few thought I was a mod favorite free from rules)

It is our choice to fix, abandon or bitch. Bitching should be the last resort, especially when you are a veteran.

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I was also told that new users are given some leway so they aren’t discouraged to ask more questions. It makes sense given how small the pond is.

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I’ve sadly been told almost exactly how to rephrase a q. But I was pleased that ,at least the mods didn’t let me keep screwing up. I think I give them less problems now, because they helped me figure out the standards.

I’m sure that I still screw up plenty, but they (mods) helped me know what I needed to improve on. I hope that I am less of a pain for them now….

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Hahahaha funniest part is the pathetic denials, it’s all good though highly amusing.

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