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Whats the highest level of math that you are aware off?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (14561points) June 19th, 2018

Also what is the highest that you learned or forgot? Mine is I’ve heard of Calculus and the highest that I have forgotten is Inverse tangent’s.

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Differential Equations and four semesters of College and Graduate School Statistics.

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@Tropical_Willie What are Differential Equations? I have only heard of them in passing YouTube clips?

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Highest level of math ever?? I don’t know…string theory?

As for me, I’m pretty solid with with intermediate geometry, but only because I use it in my work a bit. I have completely forgotten algebra though.

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The highest I took was Math 341, Elementary Linear Algebra. I was lucky. One of my best friends did the same degree a few years before me. So he helped a lot while I snorted my way through college.

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Math does not have levels. It would be like asking what the highest level of science is.
Mathematics can get very abstract. For example, abstract algebra includes numbers as just one of the systems that it talks about. As mentioned in the article, it can be used to study solutions of Rubik’s cube,

The most abstract area of mathematics that I know of is category theory, mentioned in the first article, which I have not yet been able to make sense of, but it seems to be abstractions of abstractions.

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Last week I started algebra lessons on the Khan academy site.

I stopped taking math before calculus, and have always had an idea in the back of my head that I’d like to learn it. I understand some of the concepts like derivatives and infinitesimals.

The algebra is re-learning what I knew in high school, in preparation for calculus.

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Rocket science is the highest, you know, all that e^(i*π)+1= stuff.

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^^ If you replace “stuff” with 0, you get what some have called the most beautiful equation in mathematics. It relates the fundamental numbers e, I, π, 1 and 0 in a single equation.

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Forgive me for being somewhat transcendent and irrational but these days only Euler-Lagrange cracks the top ten.

Wish we could post images here.

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