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Has anyone taken the AP Calculus AB Exam?

Asked by vanausdr (146points) May 5th, 2010

I just took it today and I feel as though I bombed everything. I can’t discuss it too in depth…it’s against the terms of agreement. But, being someone who has worked hard in Calculus all year long (I’m a senior in high school by the way), has studied consistently, and has been confident about knowing the material, I now feel as though it was all in vain. I left several things blank on the second section, the FR, and now I’m flustered. I haven’t really been too strong in math (unless I try) until now. And I know I made simple mistakes – I can remember then clearly. Tests can be my downfall. Is AP supposed to make you feel like this, or did I perhaps just have a mental shut down for a while?

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I took the AP Calculus AB exam last year (I’m a freshman in college). And yes, I scored a 5, but I’ve always been good at math, even though I’m not studying it as much now.

AP tests are draining; that’s just how they are. People have a tendency to underestimate themselves after a difficult test. Really, all you can do is hope you did well. If you didn’t leave too much blank and you typically do well in math, then you probably did fine.

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I took an AP Calc exam way back in the day. Don’t remember exactly what it was called. It was fine. Wait till you have to take the PE exam or the Bar where you have to sit for an entire day. Yeah. Or how about that 3–4 hr thermodynamics midterm that was scheduled to start at dinner time because there was no way anyone would finish during a normal class period. Yeah. AP exams are nothing. You have a lot more “fun” to look forward to if you go to college and intend to become some kind of professional.

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i took it in 2003, found it very easy. They seemed to spend a long time just testing the basics. I remembered being surprised that I didn’t have to do anything with ArcTan.
Then came college calculus, three years of butt whooping for me.

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Don’t worry to much. You probably did better than you think you did, that’s how AP exams are designed. Anyways, even if you didn’t do as well as you would have liked, it really won’t affect your future at all. At worst, you’ll have to take an additional semester of calculus in college, but you might not even need to do that. Many colleges allow you to place out of calculus regardless of your AP score.

anyways, you can’t have bombed it as bad as one of my friends, who did all her derivatives as integrals and did all of her integrals like derivatives.

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I did IB. Yes, it’s normal to feel that way after tests. Best thing to do is relax and think of something else, no point in worrying about it now. Hope you did well!

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I just took it too and feel the same way! However, my teacher has had a very high passing rate in the past (95% passed, mostly with 4’s and 5’s) and he told us that everyone feels like they failed immediately after taking the test and then find out that they did well on it. Remember, they curve these tests generously. Chances are, if you struggled with something, so did the rest of the country. I talked to a student last year who left an entire FRQ blank and still got a five, so anything is possible. Hope this helps!

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@hannahsugs Whoops. Don’t get those confused ;)

@vanausdr Don’t worry too much. Even if it didn’t go well, all that means is you have to take it again in college. In fact, in many ways its a good thing. I passed out of a lot of math before college, and when I was taking my first math class I realized that the way we learn stuff in high school isn’t quite the way you should learn stuff. Lots of people took the intro calculus classes despite getting a good AP score and were happy they did.

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I took the test and passed (I made a 3). I can’t remember how I specifically felt, but leaving questions in the short answer section blank is a bad sign. It’s pretty important to answer or at least write down something for as many as you can, because of the way the grading works, which I’m sure you’re aware of. On the other hand, a lot of people who pass it don’t have time to finish, so you probably did fine. Try to let it go, and not dwell on the past. It’s over now. Onto the next adventure!

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