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What is a reasonable amount to give as a wedding gift?

Asked by LostInParadise (25386points) June 20th, 2018

The daughter of a cousin of mine is getting married. I have not spoken to the cousin in ages. She lives in California and I live on the east coast. I am going to the wedding to establish some sort of contact with my relatives. My brother has been in regular contact with some of them and will also be at the wedding. What would be a proper amount to give, neither stingy nor overly extravagant?. We are all middle class.

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It depends on the giver…...there are no rules.

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I usually set my limit at 50.00 for all things: weddings, graduations, showers. It depends on your budget.

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I’m with @chyna. I’ve got shopping at discount glass stores and bought $100 to $125 marked glass items for $ 50 or less.
Like a crystal glass martini pitcher I gave to a close friend, his MIL took a look at it and wanted to meet me.

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We usually stick with $50/head unless it’s realy close family.

Then it could be $100 to $200/head.

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Since you have very little contact with your cousine and you are trying to rebuild the lost contact, then a gift worth an above average amount will be a good idea. Based on the above answers, taking the average value of a gift to be around $50–75, I would suggest a gift of worth $100 would be appropriate.
This is just a suggestion to look good and in no way is to be considered as a bribe to rebuild relations. There is no alternative to love, but looking good/generous is not harmful at all.

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The price of a good toaster should be enough.

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Thanks all. One more question, who do I make the check out to? To Mr and Mrs? Just to my cousin’s daughter. If so, do I use her maiden name or married name?

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I made mine out to my cousin, in her maiden name and in the memo section I put both of their names.

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