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Is there a Shazam-like app that can transcribe music? (Details inside)

Asked by 2davidc8 (10132points) June 22nd, 2018

As you may know, there are apps out there that can turn audio into text. As an example, there are apps that can transcribe a voicemail message (audio) into text.
And then there are apps like Shazam on a smart phone where you can point the phone at a song playing on the radio and it can tell you the name of the song.
I’m looking for an app or software that is sort of a combination of the two. The app should be able to “listen” to a song and transcribe it into musical notes that I can save and print out.
Is there such an app? If not, and if you’re good at coding and have the time, would you give it a shot to code such an app? (Not for my sake, but because you agree it would make a good app and you might make money from it.)

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Hi David, how and where do you think this would be useful?

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@2davidc8 I think Hum On might be what you’re looking for. I haven’t tried it, but your Q caused me to google, and this looks like one that might work well. In addition to the transcription, it has a full editing (to remove extraneous notes, adjust note placement and length, etc).

@Mount_Fuji Welcome to Fluther. As a songwriter, arranger, and teacher, I can see a thousand uses for this type of transcription softward.

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@Strauss Thank you for your reply. I’ll look into it.
@Mount_Fuji Welcome to Fluther! There are many times when I hear a song, either on audio or on YouTube, and I wonder what the actual musical notes are like. Mozart was reputed to be able to hear a piece for the first time, and having the genius memory that he did, he could reproduce it accurately immediately afterward. Well, I’m no Mozart, so I need help. With computers becoming “smarter” and smarter and able to do things like translate what you’re saying by voice immediately into another language, I thought that we might be approaching the time when computers will be able to do what I’m asking for in my OP. Maybe we’re there already.

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@Mount_Fuji Another example where this software might be useful would be to scour websites for instances of copyright violations or “plagiarism”, especially when it’s your music that is being violated.

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