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What happens if a deleted jelly hits 10K?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13220points) June 22nd, 2018

Do we throw a party? Does it get listed in the community feed?

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I believe they get listed in “Community Feed” and party is optional.

Many years ago like 50 there was a retirement party for a guy in the next department over (500 people on that floor). He flatly told them he would not go, they threw it anyway !

He missed a great party.

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No point throwing a party.

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I had wondered the same thing. Then when I looked at the one I had the question on, the points have slowed down dramatically. Since leaving she’s only gone up 18 points. Although it might conceivably happen, I would say it is unlikely that we’ll have to worry about it.

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I wondered about this so I gave it a test a few years ago. It was during a time when I deleted this account and used a new one for about a year.

I noticed Eponymous_Hipster was close to 20k (or maybe 30?). He was a user who was banned. I used my new account to put him over the threshold to see what would happen.

Nothing happened. No notice. No party.

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Here’s a blast from the past with eponymous and others who are gone.

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There’s a closet in the mansion for ghosts who make the grade…

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