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Which size comes after softball size?

Asked by Stache (2422points) June 22nd, 2018

I’m looking for a descriptor that’s slightly larger than softball size but much smaller than basketball size. Is there a descriptor for something in the middle of the two? Soccer is too large for what I’m looking for.

There’s pea size, quarter size, golf ball size, baseball, then softball. What comes next?

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Yep, that’s it! Thanks.

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I’ll toss out one: melon

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Handball is a smaller size than softballs.
Grapefruit is what I have heard.
Are you describing hail, or lava debris?

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No, a handball is definitely larger (at least 15cm diameter) than a softball (11.5cm)

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@Patty If you really want to know…a cyst.

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My compassion.

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Volleyball? Tetherball? Sounds unconventional but accurate.

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And where have you been, young man?

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Fashionably late.

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