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Those of you who have switched to using more coconut oil, how are your cholesterol numbers?

Asked by JLeslie (56030points) June 23rd, 2018 from iPhone

Please let me know whether your numbers were high to begin with, and what changes, if any, you have seen.

If you know of any studies that have been done on people who have high cholesterol and tried substituting coconut oil in a lot of their foods I’d be interested.

I’m very wary of the coconut oil trend, but open to learning more about it.

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Did both coconut oil for cooking (not 100%) and flax seed oil capsules. Overall cholesterol numbers stayed about the same, but HDL (good cholesterol) number increased.
Numbers were not high to start with 130 to 140.

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I’ve been using coconut oil for years because of the taste and the higher than butter smoke point. My cholesterol numbers are pretty low, and have stayed low.

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Take this however you want:
I had taken a picture of something in my house and I had a large jar of coconut oil that happened to be in the background. I was showing a co-worker the picture (she’s a doctor, I work in a hospitalist office in a hospital) and she said OMG I hope you are not using all that coconut oil with your high cholesterol! I asked if it made your cholesterol go up and she said it could. I was actually using it for the scars on my legs, but it didn’t help with that either.

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Coconut oil is terrible for you. Very, very high in sat fat.

My aunt said it did not help with cholesterol one bit and apparently made it worse (although that could’ve just been a coincidence). Her cholesterol drastically lowered when she cut out almost all fat, but that was mainly to lose weight (it worked, but it’s a difficult diet).

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A little background: Back in the day people with cholesterol problems were told to steer clear of coconut and palm oil, which is in a lot of processed foods, citing that is more saturated. Now, the coconut oil is en vogue.

My first reaction is, I still think it’s poison for me. Everyone who says it’s good for you, when I ask them if their cholesterol numbers are good, either they don’t know, or, if the numbers are good, it means little to me if their cholesterol was never a problem. People who DJ t have cholesterol problems I figure have a very different mechanism functioning in their body compared to what my body has.

I find the answers here very interesting though, I hope we get more. The answers are kind of all over the map.

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