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How can I increase the youtube views of my piano videos?

Asked by PIN_24 (538points) June 23rd, 2018

Hi, its not a self promotion, so I am not providing links to my youtube piano channel.
I just want to know fair means to increase the views on my piano videos. I have tried sharing my videos on twitter and facebook, but nobody clicks the links. I can’t share those to my friends and relatives as there are instances of people blocking me. How have the channels other grown? How do people find videos in youtube search? How can I increase views via youtube search itself? What all formatting can help me in getting more hits in youtube search?

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Ask for a shout out on other YouTube videos.

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I ‘ve never done a youtube video, so I won’t know your answer. However, I did a search for how to increase hits on youtube & This Video came up explaining 8 ways to increase traffic. I haven’t watched it as I have NO need for it; but, you might want to watch it to see IF it will give you any ideas!!!

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