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Does Canada and the USA need the rest of the world?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13196points) June 23rd, 2018

Canada and the USA united. Can we live with totally alone with no trade except with each other? Or do we need the rest of the world? What items do we need to buy that can’t be made here? Also can USA and Canada do without each other? What products do we need that can’t be made in our home countries? Like maple syrup and entertainment?

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Trump doesn’t want to include anybody especially our neighbor to the North.
No you can’t survive in the current world without lots of outside connections, like computers, autos, oil, metals, books, furniture, clothes, shoes, etc.!

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@Tropical_Willie Why is Trump tempting the world? If they can’t go at making stuff alone? I am guessing that IPhones would triple in cost if made in USA. If not more. From $0.33 a hour for slave labour in China to $15 a hour or more for American labour. I can understand getting a better deal to pay down debt, but not being a jackass disagreeable about it.

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There are some rare earth minerals that are needed for high end electrical components that may not be easily available in North America.

I don’t think Canada and the US need each other that much, other than keeping the NHL well supplied with talent.

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I think we could survive pretty well without the rest of the world. The few things we get from the rest of the world probably aren’t vital to be able to survive. Our economy and prosperity might not be the same. We still export a lot of stuff. I don’t know enough about our imports and exports to really know down to the detail. I would think regarding food we have enough to feed ourselves. Availability might become more seasonal. Variety might suffer a little.

At one point we were “importing” nurses in some states, because we didn’t have enough. We bring in people for other professions too, so if we didn’t get up to speed on training people we could have some difficulties. It’s not just things we import, it’s expertise and labor also. I do think some jobs would start filling back up with citizens rather than immigrants if left empty long enough, but some will have a very hard time filling positions.

I wouldn’t want to be closed off from the rest of the world though. I love feeling part of the world. I love having the world here in America.

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@RedDeerGuy1 “Why is Trump tempting the world? If they can’t go at making stuff alone?”

Because he’s a moron who doesn’t realize how in over his head he is.

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@Darth_Algar Do you really think that he is a moron? Or is it tongue in cheek? At worst he is average intelligence between 91 – and 109.

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@JLeslie We are no longer part of the rest of the world because of; tariffs, bickering and bad manners, by people I won’t mention.

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I’ve always been highly independent & NEVER wanted to depend on anyone else. I had a teacher who constantly pointed out to me…

United we STAND…Divided we FALL.

I’m sure that both the US & Canada could go it alone; but, the US was pretty much a 3rd world country when we were going it ALONE!!! Once we started to be friends with other countries, our economy took off!!!

Before we were fraternizing with other countries, my Gramps was paid 50 cents a day to work in the fields. He worked 7 days a week/12 hour days & made LESS than $5. Of course, back then eggs were a penny a piece & he couldn’t afford to buy them as he had 5 mouths to feed. He spent his money on buying chickens so they would lay eggs & provide little chicks that would grow up to be dinner. He also raised cows so they’d have milk & meat to eat. After WWII, my Dad was walking high on the hill when he got out of the Army & started making $2/hr. Of course, that’s back when gas for our $3,000 cars cost 19 cents a gallon. Nice homes ran under $50,000.

OK, WHO is willing to suddenly STOP making $15/hr to work for $5–80/wk??? WHICH auto maker is willing to drop the price of cars from $35,000 back down to $3,000??? WHICH company will be willing to build a $50,000 house in place of the $350,000 homes we’re growing accustomed to??? All my friends think we should go it alone; yet, when asked these questions, they want everybody else to take the cuts in pay!!!

I don’t think that it will ever work that way!!!

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~ ~ ~ “Make ‘murica GRATE again” will do it.

Is that MMGA not MAGA ?

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USA needs China for sure for lots of items and middle eastern countries for oil. I’m not sure about rest of the world though ( including Canada). Hypothetically it can survive without others but reality isn’t so simple.

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I personally found us to be great BEFORE we started hating everyone & everything!!! Now, I’m beginning to wonder what we even are???

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@imrainmaker we do not need the Middle East for oil. The US is an exporter of oil.

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^ You’re saying USA doesn’t import anything from them? This link is saying something else. USA was second largest importer of crude oil in 2017.

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The US has nearly every resource we need. However the cost to provide these resources to the public is much higher than we are prepared to pay. Other country resources are cheaper because our salaries and benefits are much better than most.
If we rely on our own natural resources, we will use them all up and then be at the mercy of every other provider.

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Canada has some pretty high tariffs on American goods. Dairy is 270 percent.

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Just check the list of imports of US and you will get your answer. Canada is calling immigrants as it has a shortage of skilled workers. I don’t think they would prosper without the rest of the world and neither will the world without them.
We all are one, lets not divide the planet by building walls.

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Iran makes most of the worlds pistachio’s without world trade we will not get our fix of pistachio’s

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I can live without pistachios.

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I think California produces some pistachios. I might be wrong. I do relate great pistachios with the Middle East in my mind.

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California’s pistachio production is on a par with that of Iran. But we won’t be exporting them to Alberta, just to British Columbia and maybe Quebec.

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@zenvelo Its good that I am not Jonesing for some pistachios right now.

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I just ate some pistachios. I’m very suggestable when it comes to food. That’s why I don’t watch many food channel shows—I’d be 300 pounds.

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