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How would your life change if, suddenly, one morning, you had lobster claws for hands?

Asked by ragingloli (49131points) June 24th, 2018

Could you still run for president?

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I think that bar has been set.

But I’ll bet I could have a good time with you lol1!

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I would have trouble putting my clothes on in the morning and I would consider myself unfit for almost every occupation I could imagine. The exception being President of the United States of America. Ungeheures Ungeziefer it seems do quite well in this role.

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Reminds me of the short novel, Die Verwandlung, by Kafka. Hmmm, I would have to think about that one…

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I would wonder if I were suddenly in a story written by Kafka.

And I probably wouldn’t take it very well. Even though that would probably make as much sense as the story I’m in.

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I’d sell both the guitar and banjo.

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I would immediately cut all ties to my former life.
And the nails of my feet.

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I would avoid Red Lobster. Also I would be on the lookout for people holding butter.

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I may have to forsake masturbation, and resort to sex. ;-(

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I’d have to give up wearing pants and go to the bathroom outside.

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@stanleybmanly But you would have built in capo and be able to pick strings so well!

I would switch from buttons to zippers on everything.

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It’s the chording that would thwart me.

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It would suck big time, but it would do in a pinch.

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If they ever make a “Kafka Does Xmas” movie, I could play Santa Claws.

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Yeah. I guess I couldn’t play guitar anymore.

My uh….Hand skills, with the ladies, would be greatly diminished….

I doubt it would improve any part of my life. It would be a downgrade, from my mits…

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It would add a whole new meaning to “pinch a loaf”.

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It would be harder to dress, cook, clean, and operate the remote control.
It would be easier to crack walnuts.

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Run for President and WIN! All I have to say is Mexicans are rapists. Turns out in America that works! Sad but true.

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