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Xbox 360 or PS3?

Asked by Roo (9points) August 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I am looking to buy a new game console and I’m trying to decide which to buy. Im not your typical gamer ( I’m a girl) but I just love to play these things. I have the wii already and am looking for another system. Which is better, game wise, all around? Give me anything you got

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Hmm. Well, there ar a few things to consider. The PS3 hasn’t had a very good run, due to the high price tag and lack of exclusive games. However, it has two things going for it: Blu-Ray and Little Big Planet. That is, it has a built in Blu-Ray player (Blu-Ray won out over HD, if I remember correctly), and has one of the coolest games ever as an exclusive.

The 360 has more games, and more exclusives. It has no built in player, and you have to buy Xbox live (which is a good service, admittedly). Really, I’d just advise you to look at the games available for both and weigh that against the shortcomings of both systems.

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XBOX!!! Rocks!

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And Roo welcome to the collective!!

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My hubby is an xbox junkie

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Wii are family!! (the song)

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It really all comes down to the types of games you enjoy playing. The 360 has a year-long headstart on the PS3 so it has a larger catalog and more exclusives. The 360 has a lot of first-person shooter games like Halo and other shooters like Gears of War. Xbox Live is by far the most advanced online service of the 3 consoles so far, but the PS3 is catching up slowly but surely.

The 360 is cheaper, but a lot of the things that come included with the PS3 are extra on the 360 such as WiFi ($100 extra on 360), BluRay player, rechargeable batteries in the controllers, etc. So they end up being pretty close to the same price.

The PS3 has the BluRay player, which is a huge plus. You can get an HD DVD player add-on for the 360 for probably $50 now, but HD DVD is dead, so that won’t do you much good.

Again it really comes down to the games. Most games will come out on both consoles, but each still has a few exclusives that may guide your choice a little bit.

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wii might be a good choice if you don’t like shooting things otherwise I’d go for a PS3

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I’m a girl too, and I think girls should unite against the xbox, personally. Unless your a fan of mindless boy games like racing and sports (and halo, a superbly sub-par first person shooter), I would suggest a ps3.

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hey i love halo. :(

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I know, and I refuse to let your sad face make me feel bad because you get to go to Hot Topic and buy a sweatshirt with you game on it. I do not.

Maybe it’s because I think nonraelistic fps are crude. Quite possible. If you like halo, more power to you and your halo nation.

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i never got to go to hot topic either

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i choose Wii, because I enjoy the innovative gameplay of the motion controls of the wiimote. If you’d rather a system for better graphics, then probably the 360, but personally i’d rather a console with less of the mainstream and more inovation. Plus there are people working on applications to let the Wii play DVD’s. Take that Blu-ray!

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Nor I, but that isn’t really my point.

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the ps3 has better graphics than xbox. just saying.

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Does anybody else get Xbox advertising on this page? Propaganda!

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Yeah, the ads are creepy like that.

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Xbox360, better games, better controller, better live.
PS3, better everything else.

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the xbox has questionable build quality, in my experience. A friend and I were playing guitar hero on a brand new unit and the thing just ate his disc while we sat there in disbelief. Nobody touched the console, it wasn’t bumped or moved, it just made this horrid noise and the game stopped. The disc was dead. That is an issue that was reported the first week the xbox was released and 2 years later it still isn’t fixed. Unacceptable, IMO. Plus paying for Xbox live is a joke (you need to pay a monthly fee on top of your ISP service). Plus Little Big Planet looks awesome for PS3, so Id go that route. I’m questioning why you need either, however, given that you have a Wii and it doesn’t sound like any particular game has your interest…

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@foolaholic the ads are how the nice people who make fluther possible pay for the servers and hopefully a few beers as well

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Daniel Eran Dilger’s review of the 360 vs. PS3 vs. Wii at

In short, he hates the 360 as its crap and might burn your house down. He believes the PS3 comes with higher quality components and more premium features, but also a premium price. And that the Wii is awesome if fun & playability in your games is a crucial feature.

Xbox 360 is the only platform that will let you download individual new songs for Rock Band online.

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I have both, use the 360 for gaming, and my PS3 for movies and a game once in a blue moon. Live is a must.

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i don’t mind that they advertise, it’s just the fact that it’s a 360 ad in a poll about the console. Coincidence?

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@fool… that’s how Google advertising works. It parses out the content of the page for keywords and serves up related ads.

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get the xbox because its cheaper all round and way better lol

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