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I am hacked and need some help!

Asked by NerdyGirl68 (7points) July 7th, 2018

Ok you guys. Everything I own and all my friends and family’s devices that I’m close to have been hacked.
I wish I could attach pics so you guys could see some things that I’m dealing with. So the latest thing I found today is that I am a “SPP CLIENT”.
EPDG was helping back in Feb thanks to IC3, but the clowns are back again… how do I find out who is doing it?? My identity has been stolen and they destroy every piece of electronics I purchase. And that’s just a very small fraction of what’s happened the last 11 months of harassment. Now they are cut and pasting dialogue from the internet on my computer from a “UTF-8?” Manual; which has no internet connection….core networking…. UGH!!!!
Any suggestions?? My service provider, Samsung and Google are all behind me.

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You might want to either take it to a repair shop or pay someone to come to your home to check it out connected to your service provider. It’s NOT going to be cheap; but what you’re going through could eventually wipe you out & you might be able to get a handle on it before that happens!!! Either that or find some local computer wiz who is still in school who understands your devices better than you do. Or find a hacker who might love the challenge of figuring out what your hackers are doing & enjoy shutting them down!!!

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Take all your electronics to a computer repair shop like Geek Squad in a Best Buy.

Repeat all electronic equipment.

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